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The Search for the Daza Gomez Toroidal Electrical Generator 1882 Madrid, Spain

Started by Ufopolitics, Feb 17, 2024, 09:41 AM

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Hello everybody,

IMHO, we had many OU Inventors over the course of our History...I, personally believe in most of them, in their devices...and I can start mentioning here, but the list is huge...and that is NOT the point of this post.

What I believe is that a majority of these inventors, that "suddenly stepped" into an OU Device, did not know the exact SCIENTIFIC REASONS why, his devices worked, and performed the way they did...or simply could not explain in an understandable way, for Field experts to "digest" its "Gain Mechanisms"...or they were simply laymen only, without any deep knowledge that found out (some by luck or by accident) a way to make his devices.

As it could be the case of Don Smith...or the TPU by Steven Marks, Johnson, Grey, Newman, etc.  just to name some.

Plus, if we add a required component here, which is GREED...then, they all reserved to fully disclose their specific methods, the "How to" explanations in detail...thinking they will soon be "Rich and Famous" and their devices would soon be (patented) all over the World...well, it did not, they all did not...and that is the main reason why, it has never taken place.

When I decided to build this was to show OU Devices OPENLY, in a completely OPEN SOURCE ENVIRONMENT, and be able to share our findings with EVERYBODY, and that includes SKEPTICS, and many people that believe this is "not possible" because of their Science training or expertise...

And actually, here I may differ with the way many people here think:

BUT, I always think that a Skeptic, a True knowledgeable person of our Science, with long time expertise, could be the BEST HELP we all can get to ACHIEVE our goals, to BACK us up, as long as He or She, is willing to contribute with us.

I know that for a fact, that if one of our Builders an Skeptic, and He can see with his own eyes, that device works as expected, as described by its developer...then we can rest assured, that we will have full success in our projects.

A person with the enough knowledge will tell us all, where we are wrong in some concepts, with deeper it would help us understand, where we could be wrong in our "explanations" in front of a device that we, actually do not know why it does what it does...

People, we need all the help we can get to achieve this specific goal(s) to finally expose to the World, that OU is possible...

But, we have to do this as a TEAM, not fighting or arguing over silly things.



Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind:Study the science of art. Study the art of science.
Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.
―Leonardo da Vinci


Hello again,

For your knowledge, I have personally invited here, Stivep (Wesley) and Bistander...and for those who do not know them...they are both known as very "hard" skeptics, related to OU existence...BUT, they are excellent in their expertise, their knowledge is simply put: most Fields of Science, brilliant people!!

Unfortunately, they have not replied to my invitations.

As also, I can make, with just the "gentle" touch of a key, that guests cannot see anything here...Topics, Posts, Images and ALL...Just can easily be BLOCKED to ONLY REGISTERED MEMBERS.

HOWEVER, I have decided to keep it OPEN, for guests to browse everywhere they can navigate...and in different Languages.

Except for Builder's Boards.


Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind:Study the science of art. Study the art of science.
Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.
―Leonardo da Vinci


Quote from: Classic on Feb 21, 2024, 07:52 AM@citfta, I am not trying to confused anyone and Don Smith was never been a con artist, nor Kapanadze or Arie DeGeus or N Tesla. And i have made such reference and state those names together in a certain context.
I am assuming they all had a different approach and being able to see things different or at least in a very different way than what mainstream science is telling us.
They way out is not by following by certain path which tells you what to do or not to do. While I am perfectly aware of all what ufopolitics have mentioned. We only can play the drums out load if we have the numbers, otherwise the fate will be the same.
Probably my new thread will shine some faded light we seek together.
Kind regards,
P.S. have a look here if you wish:
Also, please note that AISEG didn't make the titles when COP28 have taken place and when same questions have arisen sultan Al Jabeer have thrown in disarray everything with flame declarations as there is no proof for climate change and use of fossil fuel, apart from "leaks" of documents showing how OPEC trying to take advantage of the meetings to make more and new deals ... all is just smoke and mirrors !
3 billion dollars investment from UAE in AISEG tech is the price paid to keep the silence and you'll never see any product coming out, that was the price paid to get total control, despite the patent dated from 2017.

Tesla never demonstrated self-driving devices (except for the legend of his self-driving electric car) Tesla was working on technologies to connect to the "inexhaustible battery" atmospheric electricity, in his interpretation of radiant energy. 

Apart from Tesla, there was one Plauson in 1922 who demonstrated a device for capturing the energy potential of the Atmosphere (An aluminium balloon was filled with hydrogen or helium and at an altitude of 270 metres produced a direct current of 400 volts and 1.8 amperes. Two balloons with a capacitor battery gave a power of 81 kilowatts per day.)

Atmospheric electricity (past and present) | Patreon

Already in the XXI century, a Ukrainian schoolboy proposed an installation for extracting energy from the atmosphere. The question is, where are all these technologies?

About the Korean generator, I'm doing research, they may not be the first, something similar in principle of operation was previously in Germany at the beginning of our century (without demonstrations and pathos).


@rakarski, there is indeed a legend about electric car driven by Tesla and from what I understand from story is Tesla have introduced 2 long and thick iron bars in the car, than simply start to drive. i can't stop myself thinking of Daniel Cook invention far earlier than Tesla. And Tesla has brought this with his understandings to new edges.
Also, Figuera and Benitez have taken advantage of Daniel Cook invention.

In Tesla radiant energy system we can observe the battery has been replaced by a different gradient inexhaustible in nature/universe. And someone is wise to explore fig 4 of that patent may find different ways to exploit it and I have made some suggestions on Joel Lagace froum, but I am willing to disclose here as well if this is desired. Unfortunately my companion there has been spooked in very next day and decided to delete all his messages and few pictures showing my theory would work to some degree without implementing all the elements that I have considered necessary for a decent output.

Also, still unexplainable the fact that we can't find anywhere any of the devices that have been made at that time or any time by different inventors ... they all disappeared in the fog of time ?

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