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EEG_EM_New_Technique_TRANSVERSE_FLUX (TF) (Provisional Patent Applied for)

Started by solarlab, Dec 20, 2023, 09:51 PM

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Thanks and you're welcome!


Actually mine will reach 32v DC maximum.  I did use the free upgrade with higher resolution and this may be a result of that but I can't remember as it was done some time ago!  The 2nd supply is fixed with the negative terminal attached to ground, but the 1st supply is floating so the two can be series connected for a total 64v DC.

I chose the 6kHz frequency as the B-H curve is safely below the saturation level of the EC-70 core material for this arrangement.  Also, as the frequency is raised, the efficiency begins to fall off.



Here is a two section version of the previous test done with one section of the EC-70 core set for comparison.  All other parameters are the same such as load, frequency, turns, etc.

The first scope pix shows the Pin=2.628w over 83.84us for a Uin=220.3uJ .

The third is the recovery back to the supply or Prec=394.3mw over 83.36us for a Urec=32.9uJ .

The second (sorry for the out of order) is the total Pout=1.106w over 167us for a Uout=185uJ .

Therefore, the efficiency for this test is 185/(220.3-32.9)=.987 or 98.7%.


2Sec Pin.png

2Sec Pout.png

2Sec Prec.png




QuoteWith respect to the EE_TFG it appears the Lorentz Force Law is the only one that might
reasonably apply when explaining the operation of the Transverse Flux generator;
both in the permanent magnet generators (TFPM) and the proposed Electromagnet
(EE_TFG) devies [magnetic field applied at right angle to the coil which creates
current in the coil].
Absolute fallacy. The Lorentz force is a mathematically derived expression from the empirically proven Ampere force. The Ampere force occurs only when electric source potentials discharge through a conducting circuit. Hence Ampere force, Current force and Magnetic induction, around a conductor, are a single phenomenon.  Current force in the phase circuit is a phenomenon not related to the principle of EMF generation, it is a process of utilisation of the generated electric potential. While the potential on the conductor has the principle of induction of anapole moment [toroidal magnetic dipole].

The Lorentz force, is a derivative mathematically of the Ampere force, which is empirically determined. The Ampere Force, is the Electromagnetic Induction of the conversion of electric force lines (EMF - E) into magnetic force lines of Magnetic Induction (Bi):  [ curi Bi = - dE/dt ] or by Maxwell in the electrical system of measurement:  [curl H = dD/dt + J] another entry [curl B = μ0J + μ0ε0(dE/dt)], as you see what a problem in electrodynamics.

I tried to put it in clear language.



Partzman's pictures were worth 10000 of Solar's words.

Sorry Solar - you lost me forever at "it's just ohm's law" when powering AC into a coil when discussing impedance. In fact, I believe you referred to my questions concerning impedance as "word salad".

Pictures, or GTFO, as the kids like to say!

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