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Clemente Figuera Patente Original en ESPAÑOL

Started by Ufopolitics, Nov 19, 2023, 03:10 PM

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Доброго времени суток НЛОполитик!
Я просто связал патент 1902 года и патент 1908 года. Решена проблема двух обмоток и работы резистивного регулятора. Это все в моем материале. С нетерпением жду вашей версии.


"Good afternoon, UFOpolitician!
I was just connecting the 1902 patent and the 1908 patent. Probably solved the problem of two windings and the operation of the resistive regulator. All of this is in my material. Looking forward to your version."

*did not translate, previous post, I apologize


Good afternoon everyone! While researching Fieger's systems, I came to an interesting parallel.  "Fieger's Master" and Bufon claimed to be modeling the operation of a DYNAMO.

In the drawing, which is a cross-section of a traditional DYNAMO, two electromagnets form a flux with the armature with windings at the focus. In a Gramm Dynamo design, the maximum EMF will be, in the BB plane. If the armature has closed slots, the maximum EMF will be in the AA plane.  Both methods of determining EMF are valid for a rotating armature. If the armature is static, and the solenoid is AC to create an alternating magnetic field, the BB plane will be the first to fly out. Unfortunately this is the case, my personal experience has confirmed this. In the AA plane, EMF is possible, but because of the alternating electrical component of the excitation, we will get capacitive coupling - excitation and phase, eventually mutual induction and transformer. To eliminate capacitive coupling, Figueras probably found a solution by changing the direction of current in synchronous coils with different current direction.  But here comes the question of modeling the Dynamo's magnetic system. The simplest one in the figure:

Only it is desirable that the side (b) is not less in length than (3a), so that the cross-section of the core will be calculated by the formula S=ab.  The gap is necessary to facilitate remagnetization, because if you remove the source of the field, the magnetic systems of the two cores will be in opposition vectors of magnetic induction.
Regards, Serge.

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I see that you are too busy with the technical side of the mechanical resistive controller of the Figuera era. Today there is a semiconductor base that is much easier to implement. Switching electromagnets by changing the current strength in them solved two problems: 1) changing the direction of the magnetic flux in the closed circuit(s) of the core and, most importantly, 2) leveling (neutralization) of the electrical polarization from the working electromagnets in order to avoid the phenomenon of mutual induction between the windings of the electromagnets and phase wire, with subsequent operation of the system in transformer mode. Figuera solved this problem brilliantly, I just don't understand why graduate engineers haven't solved this problem by now. It is very disadvantageous for the system that such simple solutions are available to everyone. A couple of days ago I came to the conclusion that the resistive controller in the 1908 patent was not properly connected to the DC power supply.
The negative of the power supply must be connected to the midpoint (slider) of the resistive controller. With this switching, the electrical polarization of the coils will be carried out with a shift towards the direction of the electric field towards the emf of the generator. In this option, the greatest probability is that the EMF in the phase will be realized in generator mode.

The first drawing is just a variant from the patent; when the controller slider is shifted, the electrical voltage on the coil in which the current increases will have a higher electrical intensity and the transformer effect will work, and the transformer is very bad at the same time. In the next two pictures, I changed the commutation and got a different effect, where it is hoped that the generator type EMF generation effect will work.
As for switching smoothness, the magnetic field is inertial; if current from the system phase is included in the process of magnetic flux formation, then you will see a completely different picture of the EMF sinusoid and the current in the phase.

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