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Member FreeMind Version of my Luling Magnet Motor

Started by Ufopolitics, Nov 22, 2023, 02:09 PM

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Hello to All,

Originally I received an email from a guy thanking me for the Luling Motor on YouTube...
Honestly, I did not pay too much attention...I receive a high number of mails every day...and I am so glad I did not delete this one...

He sent me, first, an image of his replica, but I thought, well, nice build...but I do not know if it may... or may not run...

My version.jpg

But then, He sent a very short video of his replication of my magnet motor running...and that was when I opened my eyes...

He said it took him about two months to finish it...but hey, it is excellent, very well put together, very clean...

And yes, it may need a few small adjustments but here it is running!!!

Sorry I've decided to upload your video on my channel in You Tube...but it is "unlisted"...only those who have the link can see it.

Congratulations FreeMind!!

And this Board is for you, you deserve it...
So, here, You are the Moderator, You can Open a New Topic, where you could upload as many videos and images as you like...and I will help you on whatever you need!!

Best Regards


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