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Magnetism and Science

Started by Ufopolitics, Feb 24, 2024, 12:02 PM

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I believe you need to read K. Wheeler's free and here on site:

Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism (Full Read Onsite PDF) (

You will then understand, as book will respond to majority of your questions...


Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind:Study the science of art. Study the art of science.
Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.
―Leonardo da Vinci


I was hoping to discuss a little bit more than just return to the book, indeed some of the questions are answered, but I have asked them trying to push the analyse further and have understood that most of the people here are already familiar enough.

And idea of two forces spiralling inside toward blochwall/zpe from opposite directions is not new and many have discussed as such ... maybe some of you are aware about the "lunatic" Nigel Cheese/Hands/Cooper where he described his special magnets and everyone knows what knightmare he was been forced to live with being too vocal even for just half of what could be said.
Or Marinov fate for just saying the truth out load, when all of his own kind have devoured him to just keep a comfy lifestyle.

All the benefits of what we have nowadays is not due to magnificent science, but for what inventors did or they have been allowed to do by the "society" ... the science is now some kind of judge deciding what can go in public and what can not, as they are not stupid.

A permanent magnet is an over unity device where we insert initial charge which is used in return billion times more. This is the energy and what is happening in fact and so obvious that we fail to see. Instead of the trees we have magnets that prevent us to see the forest (sea of energy that we live in).

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