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Typical “Agenda”, go "apparently" Open Source to then apply for a Patent?

Started by Ufopolitics, Apr 15, 2024, 10:25 AM

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Firstly, what is "deception" - it is the deliberate false provision of information for some purpose. If a person believes what he declares and it is not the truth, he is classified as "self-deception." Many people can believe what the self-deceived person declares. This is called collective self-deception. Here everyone has a choice to believe, not to believe or check, to deceive themselves or to study, check, etc. Everyone is deceived solely voluntarily, at their own request.

A patent application can be submitted for an idea for a device, or for a utility model that actually works. For reference, look up Tesla's patents for the actual model. Also, a patent cannot prohibit modifying the technology. The changes made are already a different device. Now about the system, if you want to play by the rules of the system, you are forced to go through the process of patenting, then certification, licensing. Takes care of protecting your intellectual investments and so on and so forth. There are others in the system who, by all rights, will take everything from you. There are many options.

The main thing for personal use for us/you is patent law "to the point" until you want to start a business on it. Business lives by the rules of the system.



Quote from: RhineX on Apr 19, 2024, 12:01 AMHello everyone
It's annoying to see this person arguing about patents on every forum every day.
This poor guy saw that his topic had low attention and no one responded, so he made this statement to increase attention.
The fundamental reason why he repeatedly makes false statements is that he lacks the ability to implement his own design and wants to find a free engineer to help him with experiments.
On this point, Beyond Unity's Fighter views are the same as ufopolitics.
He is disliked by all forums for a reason. He doesn't know anything, he only knows how to simulate with computer games, and even looks at his design to wonder if he can really distinguish the positive and negative poles of a multimeter.
The administrators of the forum should also be responsible. Even if you know he is a scammer, don't prohibit him and let him continue to deceive more people. We also created a thread specifically to increase his attention and attract more people to be scammed. Surprisingly, another company contacted him. It is estimated that the CEO of that company is an idiot who invests when he sees an idea. But we know this is just another attempt by him to bluff.

Hi all,

I agree with you RhineX,

Also at the moment this guy spoke about "patent" on an open source forum, He made it crystal clear that He is not on the "right side", Ufopolitics saw it, and we all saw it, so my question is : why is still allowed to be here ? Is in total opposition with the fundamentals of this forum and the general idea of open source concept, we are not here for money our goal is much greater than this. In my opinion, He should be blocked, for the reasons that RhineX exposed about the scam obvious possibility on more naive members, and for the fact that He do not aline with the general mentality.

Ufopolitics, you clearly have a patience I do not have, that honors you and I should learn from you on this topic too I guess but that guy is in total opposition with all of us (all of us with the mentality of open source, meaning this is far behond the limit's of this forum). For the story I own a successful business with dozens of employees in my daily life, I also run a space with 16K members so far on an other topic and what I've learned is : "one rotten fruit can contaminate the entire basket".

Best Regards to all,



From my perspective it is an outrageous behaviour where someone with an idea for a patent join an open source forum to present something that will be patented later. It is like any inventor seeking a patent application is coming here to deny us all to research or exploit  a certain phenomena or method. It is simply insulting ... this is all about.

It is like anyone comes here to say do not do it ! We will seek to stop you whatever you want to try even if we don't understand yet what you are showing/doing. And more that this, such behaviour is purposefully entertained to stop any possible collaboration in this type of community. As for the moment I don't feel comfortable to disclose anything more than I already did because such unscrupulous individuals with obscure interests may hinder any possible invention open source and or methods and or collaboration.

This is simply an abuse and should stop immediately ! 


Hello to All

Guys, please relax...and be patient, without "patience" you would never be able to build and test many different setups, and even if they fail, you still keep trying...thanks to what?

To "patience"...

In Open Forums, there are always going to be exposure that ideas and setups disclosed would be stolen for Patent Applications. It is a fact; it has always been.

We are here exposing -freely- possible ideas to be reproduced by many out there...and yes, even those that we do not see, simply because they act in "total silence"...and probably are not even members...where we have no control over, and can never get to know what their intentions are...

It comes with the territory people!! is part of Free Exposure...Open-Source Forums.

Now, once we identify someone purposes about patenting an "idea", like it is stated on SL first Post...then it is entirely UP TO US, to cooperate or not, to spend money in something that has only being proven in simulations...then that is completely up to that individual to do whatever he/she chooses to do with his/her time and money.

That is all we can do.

I am trying to keep this Forum as close to how a Real Democracy works...where all have the right to freely expose their ideas and opinions in the open, for all to learn or build it (if they want to)

Therefore, -at this point in time- I am not planning to ban anyone, restrict a Topic, much less to delete it, basically, when it has so much info that would serve as proof that it was disclosed here with a Time Stamp.

Plus, the fact that many members here have already contributed with their opinions, counseling or exchange of info.

Regards to all


Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind:Study the science of art. Study the art of science.
Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.
―Leonardo da Vinci


Ok, and Further on...

Like I said prior, "The Burden of Proof, lies on the Claimant".

It means that if you disclose an idea, plus claim it "should" work as claimed (in this case "Excess of Energy") then you must "PRODUCE" the PROOF (or EVIDENCE it works as claimed).

And that is the way Courts RULE in our entire World...for ANY CASE, whether being a Legal case, or simply like our case here related to Open Source versus Patenting.

However, that is a double edge could be used both ways, for the "Defendant" or the "Plaintiff".

It means that if you proved your idea to work as you have claimed...then another person (member) defies your testing as being wrong, on whatever basis, could be wrong measurements, etc.

And that "automatically" sets the "Burden of Proof" on the other side claiming your idea is not well tested. So, further on, that person MUST build your setup, then test it according to his/her method, to prove it is wrong.

If that person does not "comply" with this procedure, does not produce any EVIDENCE AGAINST your previously shown positive results...his/her claims are not valid, worthless and just "words" that the wind will blow...AND your proven idea prevails.



Principles for the Development of a Complete Mind:Study the science of art. Study the art of science.
Develop your senses- especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.
―Leonardo da Vinci

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