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Theoretical discussion thread.

Started by citfta, Feb 22, 2024, 05:04 PM

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This  forum was created for actual builders to have a place to share their work and also seek help from others working on the same project.  However as with most forums of this type it has also attracted those that want to post their ideas and theories.  Posting those kind of posts in a builder's thread disrupt the build process and in many cases causes confusion.

Therefore this thread has been created.  The purpose of this thread is for those that want to share their ideas and theories.  You may post any ideas or theories you have here.  But there are some rules.  Failure to follow the rules can get you banned.  There will be NO FLAMING.  We can all act like adults.  You can attack the idea without attacking the person.  The second rule is that if you post a theory that clearly goes against accepted science you will be required to demonstrate your theory.  Your proof can be a working circuit or video showing your proof.

As an example of theory that goes against accepted science.  It has been posted on this forum that a resistor can change the resonant frequency of a coil.  That goes against accepted science.  The formula for calculating the resonant frequency of a coil has been used for over a hundred years and it still works.  And it does NOT include any resistance.  Of course a RLC circuit does include resistance.

If you cannot produce proof of your theory your post will be deleted.  Ufo and I have discussed the fact that there are many visitors to this site every day.  We do NOT want this site to become a source of misinformation and confusion to those that may be in the early learning stages of electronics.  Posting different ideas and theories is fine but posting nonsense is not.

Just because it is on YouTube does NOT make it real!


Hello Citfta,

This is great!!, and many thanks to you for the creation of this Thread!!

Yes, We needed this type of Science Control Guidance on this Website, so, we are not taken as any other website out there, that is full of nonsense, a lot of errors and mistakes posted that are allowed to be uploaded, and this tends to confusion and misleading from Real Scientific Facts!!

We, at the Administration, have granted you ALL the authorized permissions, as a Global Moderator, to carry on with any necessary actions that you decide to take from now on.

And We will be guiding you on anything that you need, related to your new position.

[color=var(--input-txt-color)]As I am sure you will handle it excellently, knowing all your decades of experience, knowledge and practically working on majority of related Fields of Science.[/color]

Many thanks, and welcome to this new enterprise!!


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