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Baghdad Battery

Started by Classic, Feb 21, 2024, 10:39 AM

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I am more interested in a solution without poisoning the environment, no chemical reaction, no need to burn/destroy anything.

One wire power transfer works fine with one electrode Baghdad Battery, they last much longer and is done with all natural elements. Human factor is accounted just for assembly mostly.

This combination Iron-Copper is so fascinating ... it could be a battery, a transformer, a capacitor or a magnet or electromagnet. Just need a different envelope or no envelope, water + air, no water, no air etc. And mostly 2 elements are the base: Iron and Copper !


Quote from: Dr.Wlazlak on Mar 02, 2024, 06:04 PMHello people, In the first post of this thread reads " why ( someone ) had the need to ( hide ) such information from the public 
So, do you have any explanation as why, they were stolen from the only 1 museum in the world where they were displayed to be seen by anyone ? What else has been stolen from that museum at that time ?

I really am curious to hear any possible explanation  8)

For any other batteries, please open another thread


Quite interesting comparison you made Mr W between American Constitution and Baghdad Battery, considering they were stolen from a museum exactly when us army invading that country.

I am still pointing out that this battery does not work on electrolyte or galvanic reaction ! As i already said and shown in my previous posts.
The beauty is anyone can test themselves just use any SIMILAR metals in water, preferable some metals that do not react/interact with water.

So, I really doubt that we really need to dig the whole earth for rare elements at the scale seen and some electricity can be obtain much easier than we are told and without the pollution.


Let's keep this topic clean please.

I have no idea what are you talking about Mr. Wlazlak ... i used Mr. W as being a short. No comment for the rest.


After building various cells I am more puzzled than before. On my latest cells I am using 1.1 mm enamelled copper wire to wind a coil 130 mm long on a 16 mm former, on top of this coil I wound anther coil of 2 mm aluminium tarnish proof wire with less turns but spread out to match the length of copper coil.

This compound coil when immersed in deionised water generate 0.64-0.72 v ... with no amps 🤭 but it can charge an electrolytic cap (or more in parallel). Resistance is over limit of what can measure my DMM, also no continuity between electrodes.

Deionised water stays clear and steady dc provided all time, if potable water is used, galvanic reaction occur and water become unclear in few hours, voltage drops 0.48-0.55 v no amps (at least I can't measure with my digital multimeter).

A further test done to find out when voltage drop takes places and I have measured the voltage with resistors ... up to 100K ohms there is no voltage drop, at 100k ohs 0.05 voltage drop shows up, at 10 Megaohms voltage drops to half.

With such high resistance in a cell it is pretty clear there is no electrolytic/galvanic reaction, and "electrodes" will be preserved instead of consumed.

The ends of both wires are not sealed/insulated but they will have an sharp edge from wire cutter, so the bare material is exposed to water in very small area.

Also, I found out that voltage generated in this way using 120 mm long wires instead of coils and twisted together generates about 0.48 v but voltage drop/recovery when drained with capacitors isn't good enough for certain application. Than increasing the mass of electrodes do not bring up more benefits after 0.7 v is reached so, it will be pointless to use too much mass. This is also valid for Iron-Copper combination.

As I stated before voltage is generated even using same metal electrodes in deionised water, like 2 enamelled copper wires, but voltage is very small ... yet it shows up.

My aim is not to generate high amount of power using galvanic/electrolytic reaction but, to generate without polluting the environment and preserve the integrity of elements for long term use.

In order to preserve character of deionised water, recipient must be kept away from UV to avoid self-ionisation of water or at least to reduce area exposed to UV or contamination with conductive elements. A good practice is to empty and replace deionised water from time to time (I mean months or yearly).

My questions is In deionised water there is no galvanic reaction or if there it is, it might be extremely small and the cell start to looks like a capacitor ... why voltage is higher compared with more conductive water ? From where this voltage comes from ?

Electric charge generated in this way is real and series of cells can lit up LEDs or power up something else 🧐

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