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Baghdad Battery

Started by Classic, Feb 21, 2024, 10:39 AM

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I am more interested in a solution without poisoning the environment, no chemical reaction, no need to burn/destroy anything.

One wire power transfer works fine with one electrode Baghdad Battery, they last much longer and is done with all natural elements. Human factor is accounted just for assembly mostly.

This combination Iron-Copper is so fascinating ... it could be a battery, a transformer, a capacitor or a magnet or electromagnet. Just need a different envelope or no envelope, water + air, no water, no air etc. And mostly 2 elements are the base: Iron and Copper !


Quote from: Dr.Wlazlak on Mar 02, 2024, 06:04 PMHello people, In the first post of this thread reads " why ( someone ) had the need to ( hide ) such information from the public 
So, do you have any explanation as why, they were stolen from the only 1 museum in the world where they were displayed to be seen by anyone ? What else has been stolen from that museum at that time ?

I really am curious to hear any possible explanation  8)

For any other batteries, please open another thread


Quite interesting comparison you made Mr W between American Constitution and Baghdad Battery, considering they were stolen from a museum exactly when us army invading that country.

I am still pointing out that this battery does not work on electrolyte or galvanic reaction ! As i already said and shown in my previous posts.
The beauty is anyone can test themselves just use any SIMILAR metals in water, preferable some metals that do not react/interact with water.

So, I really doubt that we really need to dig the whole earth for rare elements at the scale seen and some electricity can be obtain much easier than we are told and without the pollution.


Let's keep this topic clean please.

I have no idea what are you talking about Mr. Wlazlak ... i used Mr. W as being a short. No comment for the rest.

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