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Baghdad Battery

Started by Classic, Feb 21, 2024, 10:39 AM

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This is a legitimate question and I am in favour to believe that might not be a battery in the sense of what majority of people think about batteries and might be more than a electric charge storage.

Can you explain or give some details, please ?

I think if someone has the ability to explain where the energy comes from may change our perception of many things.

I have explained in previous messages the charge may show up without chemical reaction and is usable.

In my opinion anyone how is able to use the right frequency and vibration may tap in the sea of energy we are living in.

Just analyse and think. Permanent magnet, the very basic one is made with iron, copper and nickel, electromagnet iron and copper, Bagdad battery iron and copper ... any transformer is in fact an electromagnet.

In previous messages i forgot to mention that capacitor immersed in glass of water can show up dc charge and ac charge as well when a diode is used in parallel ... without any energy source around.

Also i voltage reading from a gold weeding ring and silver ring in glass of water a bit more than copper-copper or iron-copper, also with 2 gold rings and 2 silver rings ... so there is no galvanic reaction whatsoever and no chemical reaction.

Also, dry setup with copper-paper-charcoal; aluminium-paper-charcoal; copper-polyethylene-aluminium etc.


Realmente no sé qué es. Pero creo que podría ser una cavidad resonante como ocurre en un magnetrón y que su forma geométrica es decisiva para una determinada frecuencia, en cuyo caso el hierro sería un imán.


Hmmm, i have arrived to the same conclusion dear hydrogeno, there is resonance indeed and the shape can make the difference as being the resonant box where two or more frequency are combined.

 We can see corresponding shape for frequency, unfortunately this is just 2 dimensions shown and if a device able to show 3 dimensions can be made would help a lot.

Please note: this experiment shown in the video may help to design a fractal array antenna for exact frequency desired ! ... I am working on this with some of my experiments.

Now going back to Bagdad Battery we can observe the way they are made to allow for parallel connection only as they have only iron electrode wired. What parallel connection means ? Less resistance if we consider them as resistors. What else ? Increase the mass of both elements contained in the ceramic encasement ... we can visualise many little rivers united in a big one but with the same speed of propagation.

This is one side. Now thinking about resonance what is the relation between iron and copper in terms of resonance ? ... i am still looking into this, as may allow more powerful combinations using crystals if frequency resonance relation is understood. Also the shape they need to have to act as amplifier or resonant box ... this may lead to some extent that water is a perfect resonant box medium for probably all the elements we know ... this is just a speculation for the moment.

Now, on a different way, knowing that Arie deGeus was working on a revolutionary type of battery and conjugate with the facts that he covered in his patents chemistry and transmutation along with electromagnetic wave, got me thinking about this combination iron-copper which is common for any type of effect where electromagnetic effect take place, being permanent magnet, electromagnet or transformer.
So, I wonder what a wafer thin battery may look like starting from Bagdad battery ? Some copper sheets, some iron sheets and physical separation in between them and all this immersed in heavy water to avoid chemical reaction to take place and allow for just resonance ?
Create instead of destruct, not what mainstream science teaching us how to destroy and mostly nothing about how to create without destruction. This is why I take a stand against them.

So, if we may be able to physically build multiple nano size copper, iron and spacers to sustain the structure and whole assembly immersed in water (heavy water) may lead to a new type of electric generator device ... just a supposition. This will replace the need to build many Bagdad batteries to be connected together. Along with one wire system and spark gap or any other efficient isolation may be the key.



And despite water being dielectric, i can measure voltage/amperage with a multimeter or lit an LED  or any numbers of LEDs i want by just touching the water in my setups, in any of my setups, even if deionised or distilled water is used.

Water can be almost anything we want if we have a right approach aiming for a certain effect.

Do not ask for any kind of proof regarding heavy water as i will not provide because i don't want or I can't, choose whatever variant you wish.

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