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Baghdad Battery

Started by Classic, Feb 21, 2024, 10:39 AM

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Please provide a video showing the measurements of voltage and current using deionized or distilled water.  Also show the LED being lit using the same.

Just because it is on YouTube does NOT make it real!


Next to current setup is another one, old and is based on tap water vapours where output is much lower, not show.

With deionised water results are far better and it seems I can add as many LEDs as I want in parallel. In series I can only lit up 2 red leds due to no pwm+av plug available at current location.

I hope this video may satisfy your curiosity dear citfta.

This setup can be easily improved by adding pulse modulation with capacitor across the input as can be observed now, and voltage multiplier (Avramenco fork/plug) i don't have handy here these to be shown.

And In this light I want to point out what mainstream science know or is able to say: aluminium Copper

Please note: this configuration may be subject of patent application/restrictions, everything shown is for educational purpose and no responsibility assumed for anything may arise from usage/building.

P.S. Youtube video will be available for maximum 48 hours only. I have tried to upload here but it seems it take forever so I give up.





Similar configuration is running with 50 white leds in parallel for more than 10 months now and i only top-up some 5 ml of deionised water and no reduction in electrodes size have been noticed/measured with calibrated calliper.

Things are a bit different on improved configuration and some (0.1 mm) reduction in size of aluminium have been measured on much more power drawn. Not sure if accurate as I forgot to measure before starting setup long time ago an 0.1 mm difference may be from supplier quality as wires are tarnish protected and they shouldn't react with water even in long time exposure. Copper wire is bare, no coating added.

So, no galvanic reaction, but still electric power is produced. All other experiments as state before was done and all I said is true findings ... although anyone can use any scraps to prove for themselves if they wish.


Hi Classic,
Thanks for the video.  It is interesting.  But I am quite sure there is some low level galvanic reaction going on there.  I am sure it is low level because if the voltage were higher than just a couple of volts the LEDs would be burning out since you were not using a current limiting resistor. At this time there are only a few known ways to produce an electric current.  We can use chemistry like a battery.  We can use the photovoltaic process like a solar panel.  We  can use electromotive force like a generator.  And we can even use heat like the Seebeck generator.

Any time 2 dissimilar metals are placed close together in the presence of moisture they will have a galvanic reaction between them.  It may be such a low level it is hard to detect but chemistry says you can't get a flow of electrons without a chemical reaction unless you are using one of the other methods I mentioned.  And I didn't see any of them in your video.

Thanks for sharing,
Just because it is on YouTube does NOT make it real!


I will try this week to make the same configuration with copper only, aluminium only and iron only, so no 2 dissimilar materials in the same deionised water.

I can obtain same results with similar materials as I said in previous messages and there is not known reaction of copper with water and obviously no galvanic reaction. I can mention that heavy water do not allow galvanic reaction if you understand what I mean.

And, I still have a question without answer, where this electricity comes from, is it already there in the materials or this conductive materials capture and direct the flow ? How much energy is actually "stored" in materials if they are not consumed and still provide electric energy ?

From what I remember and according to my notes a single cell aluminium-copper have an output of 0.5 V and 0.2 A but lately I can not detect any amps at all and still enough power, anyway a new multimeter will prove better what is happening.

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