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Baghdad Battery

Started by Classic, Feb 21, 2024, 10:39 AM

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What is a Bagdad battery and why someone had such a need to hide them from public ?

Why and how they work as we know they only had 1 electrode out to be used ? And this observation has lead to some idiots describing this wonderful apparatus as being used for documents storage.

Why this type of batteries never been intended to use acid or alkaline electrolyte and what was used when they were working ?


So, what we know about them ? i mean Bagdad batteries.

They have a ceramic encasement with 2 electrodes of dissimilar materials which are usually used in transformers, or magnets or electromagnets: iron and copper ... we should pay attention to this in my opinion.

Now I am asking myself do this materials really need to be exhausted by a chemical reaction in order to release their inherent energy ? my answer is NO. Do these materials be exhausted in magnets or transformers ? NO.
Well according to some general knowledge there is some kind of interaction when they transmutate and in this way electric energy is released ... which is true, but ... why nobody ask or say from where energy appears ?

 What exactly are the properties of copper and iron ? I mean in terms of energy, potential or whatever you want to call it.

Now, let's see why not acid or alkaline electrolyte is the solution for Bagdad batteries. If such electrolyte is used the whole assembly will be destroyed as chemical reaction occur and being sealed with bitum will simply transform them in explosive devices by hydrogen generation.

What should be used instead ? WATER ! But not simple potable water, heavy water. Those famous mages supposedly using such batteries had such knowledge to be able to distill multiple times some of very good quality water very well filtered natural.

This sounds a bit crazy, but anyone can take two bits of copper and iron and stick them in water then check with a multimeter, then use simple distilled water instead of potable water and observe the results.
I know many will say that there is same kind of galvanic reaction especially with iron, but this reaction do not occur in heavy water where deuterium is combined with oxigen in a sealed medium (see bitum seal).

Now, a very simple demonstration can be done diy by taking 2 bits of bare copper wire and place them in a glass of tap water, then repeat experiment with any other metals like aluminium iron etc using only similar metals as electrodes. What this phenomena indicate ? Any material or element have their own energy and a specific medium will help to release it or better say will make the very essence of energy to be available for use in form of electricity.

Now, repeat this experiment and used different length/size of the similar metals and compare with previous experiment results.

So, don't simply trust that I am right or wrong and check yourself. After you conclude you can try to get a glass of potable water and simply dip a capacitor in it after has been discharged multiple times for a good amount of time, check with multimeter and see yourself. Electrolitic capacitors works better with 100 nF or less and low voltage. If this is not enough, repeat experiment with a diode connected to a multimeter.

Any explanation as why this charge apear and from where ? I would like to hear if you have one.

Now, back to Bagdad batteries ... some "scientists" from mainstream media (not necessarily science, and I said media) were saying the main usage of such devices was mostly as safe storage of documents without explaining why 1 wire was attached to iron electrode, an explaining black marks inside ceramic encasement as ink deposited, despite such arrangement being sealed with bitum and ignoring a possible source of black marks as being copper oxide ( no scientific investigation is publicly available if there was one).

No you may ask how a battery can provide electricity if only 1 wire is available ? It might be easier to guess that the opposite sign (qoute from Tesla radiant energy patent) may be provided from the ground.
So, such small electricity can be useful ? Can we connect them in series or parallel or series/parallel ? Can we use one wire system as per Tesla shared knowledge ? Can we amplify a source of electricity ? Can we isolate this one wire system transfer through a spark gap to achieve no loading (destroying) the dipole ?


Could it be that geometric shape of the vessel could affect the result, as is the case with a magnetron?


I am not sure that I understand your suggestion, can you give some details ?


Everyone thinks tha the baghdad battery is a battery ... What if isn"t?

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