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Permanent battery by Daniel Cook

Started by Classic, Feb 21, 2024, 06:22 AM

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This is the most easier electric generator that anyone can ever build with very basic tools and limited or almost no knowledge about electricity.

Those with advanced knowledge and high skills may build tremendous powerful generators in pretty small size that can power whatever they want as long as they follow the same principle of work for this contraption. And all is safe with no harm to themselves or nature.

In order to understand how and why it works one may want to know what series resistance is and what parallel resistance is, also understand that connecting a series to parallel create a gradient with potential difference which can not be exploited on its own but introducing an inertial force is necessary as a second gradient to be exploited by the same setup.

Also, there is a need to understand what a magnet is what the fundamental difference between electromagnet and permanent magnet is ... which natural lead to understanding of magnetism phenomena. Also, it will become obvious the aether (or however you want to call it) plays an essential role when we tap into very essence of energy.


I just created a discussion with chatgpt that supposedly will save some time with detailed explanations if anyone want to follow:

Note that i was trying to avoid reaching certain boundaries were chatgpt or any "intelligent assistant" will mess up or simply deny assistance as it happens a lot to me.

I have updated with replacing additional coil for start with a permanent magnet


Hello Classic,

Thanks for opening this Topic!

Yes, Cook's Patent is so contains the BASIC simplicity of Magnetic Fields ability to generate energy infinitely...

Here I uploaded all images plus text on his Patent:



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If we read the patent description we may observe how Daniel Cook have created a modulation of magnetic flux using resistance gradient and inductance at resonance allowed by multiple iron strands as a core. And that is soft iron core which can be easy obtained by using pure iron wire with adequate heat treatment (i know it is similar with steel). Difference between carbon steel and annealed iron consist in their ability to respond to specific resonance and dampening effect.


There is an updated link with more about resonance and comparison between iron core and air core systems

We can observe, that in air core systems we need a higher voltage for input (Don Smith type variant 1 with coils) and higher frequency can be used.

Also, main challenges in order to make the system work and where to pay attention minimising as much as possible any other factor with simple solutions, in what I believe can show some positive results observing from other description on few forums attempted replications where some things not been looked at in my opinion, and especially on iron core construction and dimensions.

Also note the starting input of the system, especially if the whole system is not made self resonant, will result in failing to work as per patent description.

If the system is not self resonant as a whole, a driven frequency signal must be supplied all time and we will have eventually a very efficient transformer.

Also, i forgot to mention another important point: if wires length will be multiple of 1/2 wave length of the iron core natural frequency multiple harmonic resonance will occur, which in turn will amplify the output of secondaries.
Also, as many of you know, the longer is solenoid the smaller diameter of former to keep sufficient inductance necessary for action. Capacitance is related to frequency and therefore must be included in calculus.

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