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Resonance and high frequency

Started by Classic, Feb 12, 2024, 01:59 PM

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Quote from: Classic on Feb 23, 2024, 12:14 PMHave a look at this patent and tell me if there is any similarities in some recent inventions analysed for ou.

Hello Classic and thanks,

Yes, indeed, however, this Patent(s) were developed by Tesla, to assist on the DC Currents used then, it is like an "Amplifying-Transformer" for DC Input and Higher Frequency, Higher Potential Currents Output.

Now we are living on a completely different scenario, our Energy Global Grid is based on Low Frequencies (ranging from 50-60Hz) AC Currents...which max potential is 220v and 360v for 3 phases...and max running amperages range (average) between 50 to 30 amps...

Therefore, ALL appliances (whether Industrial or Housing) work based on that Energy Global Grid Spec's...

It is very hard to store High Frequency Currents (Amps) and Potential (Voltages) there is actually no use for them at all, in our days...

Working on such Apparatuses at this time we are on...I see it as a total waste of time, IF, we want to advance to COMPATIBLE Energy Generation Devices, for the actual circumstances.

It is NOT only about a "Lab Demonstration of OU" ...That in ACTUAL APPLICATIONS it is completely USELESS...done just to "defy actual Science"...that IS TOTAL nonsense!!

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Oh, sorry, but I have mentioned this patent regarding name of the thread and similarities with Don Smith/Kapanadze devices and should be regarded for input stage where a tiny power is provided for a huge output.

Simply observe capacitor arrangement and inductance requirements. 

Also, I am in agreement with you with useless demonstrations, even if they can be done ... anyway it seems they are imune and they should stop brainwashing children in school.

Anyway, at least resonant frequency is recognised by mainstream science but they just stoped short here. So, my inquire is: if resonant frequency can nullify resistive and capacitive reactance, what else can do ? Or better said, where else can we apply this for what effect ?

Anyway, my focus is now on very high frequency UV and above and exploring real practical options in diy manner to make it usable in domestic range which in turn may allow small size device with quite cheap production cost and in parallel a very efficient dc source with almost no operational cost all in a solid state version.


Just quick notes:

The circuit forms a harmonic oscillator for current, and resonates in a manner similar to an LC circuit. Introducing the resistor increases the decay of these oscillations, which is also known as damping. The resistor also reduces the peak resonant frequency. Some resistance is unavoidable even if a resistor is not specifically included as a component.

For applications in oscillator circuits, it is generally desirable to make the attenuation (or equivalently, the damping factor) as small as possible. In practice, this objective requires making the circuit's resistance R as small as physically possible for a series circuit, or alternatively increasing R to as much as possible for a parallel circuit. In either case, the RLC circuit becomes a good approximation to an ideal LC circuit. However, for very low-attenuation circuits (high Q-factor), issues such as dielectric losses of coils and capacitors can become important.


Can anyone point out what is the relationship between mutual coupling and distance between resonant coils regarding power consumption ?

Also, why power drawn from providing circuit drop when load is increased ?

I have a circuit that behave in this way and looking for some rational explanations.



All your questions can be answered by studying the info presented by Dr. Wlazlak in his thread.  Start with post #33 and read how transformers actually work.  He shares pages from the electrical engineers handbook.  That was written by professional people who had real training in electrical circuits.

Just because it is on YouTube does NOT make it real!

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