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Resonance and high frequency

Started by Classic, Feb 12, 2024, 01:59 PM

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Maybe this is why Don Smith have said hat everything changes when high voltage and high frequency applies when an RLC circuit is sent into self oscillations (self sustaining) and any load will just help the system to generate much more then input.


Why multi strand wires should be used for high frequency ? And if you can afford Litz wire would be one of best choices:

  • Reduced Skin Effect: Litz wire's multiple individually insulated strands minimize skin effect, allowing for more efficient transmission of high-frequency signals.
  • Lower AC Resistance: The design of Litz wire reduces AC resistance, improving the overall efficiency of the wire in high-frequency applications.
  • Improved Flexibility: Litz wire's construction enhances flexibility compared to solid wire, making it suitable for applications requiring bending and movement.
  • Lower Eddy Current Losses: The insulated strands in Litz wire minimize eddy currents, reducing energy losses and improving overall performance.[/font]
  • Enhanced Thermal Stability: Litz wire's design helps dissipate heat more efficiently, improving thermal stability in high-frequency applications.

Also, according to Arie deGeus copper tubes silver plated on outside diameter would be an even better option ... effect seen in 2 of his patents.

And it might be disturbing to observe that plated wires can be compared with semiconductors, diodes. Such use of wires can be seen in Sweet Floyd (copper wire oxidated), Tesla's diode arrangement with coils, Don Smith tinned copper wires, Arie deGeus and so on.]

Just a practical observation if anyone may wish to pursue this idea and especially if anyone wants to explore commercial development application of such circuit as shown previously. But, even just copper speaker wire is good enough for decent output with minimal cost.

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