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Resonance and high frequency

Started by Classic, Feb 12, 2024, 01:59 PM

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Please find attached patent 685957 of Nicola Tesla - Apparatus for utilising radiant energy

And my suggestions of how we can harvest this radiant energy in a safe manner.

This one of my main projects, work in progress.

Also, regarding my previous post I want to make some observations: if high frequency is employed the iron should be swapped for a different material, or just air.

Permanent or electro magnets are saturated with electric energy, which in turn create magnetic field to store their energy. This energy is not inside the material, but outside where is stored. Conductors only guide and show a path for the gradient potential to flow.

Inductance will tell us how much energy we store in magnetic field available for further usage. Capacitance will tell us how much energy we can concentrate in electric field to be moved along conductors path. Voltage is the amplitude of this energy ... is like if I swing a hammer from my wrist or using my arm or my arm and shoulder. Amperage is the mass ... size of the hammer.


Hi Classic,

don't mind the comment about radiant energy, I saw the three videos you shared and he is definitely getting the radiant effect. Last week I talked to a guy dealing with Weber electrodynamics about this kind of circuits (as in the video) and he claims that it is not covered by the standard Maxwell  electrodynamics theory and is more or less described by Weber's theory (and in some capacity by Kirchhoff's theory). The transfer over one wire is thanks to 'surface charge dynamics' that carry longitudal waves (wonder if the wire even needs to be metal) electrons that flow over metal surface are frictionless. They behave as free electrons in 2 dimensional space. I inquired more about how this kind of energy transfer can be used to power devices, how does the current flow, and so on, but he didn't get back to me yet. But he claims this kind of energy transfer can be lossless (in the kV and kHz range). No mentions about over unity, which doesn't mean anything of course.

LED's are not a great way to measure power. The LED bulb that you have connected is most likely powered by surface charges, that don't care about that 220V to whatever voltage converter and are powering the LED straight. Again that is not to say there is no over unity, just a possible explanation. I believe over unity is possible the Tesla radiant energy way. We just need to figure out how to take that unlimited amount of electrons in the atmosphere and make them go into a load.


Well, in my video I am using a CFL bulb ... fluorescent, not LED ... they need some high voltage to start working, like an old fluorescent tube but all the circuitry is included in the base of the bulb.

The CFL bulb used in demonstration won't be lit up if s placed on the coils or in near or far proximity. It needs to be connected physically ... at least in this arrangement. I am not saying it cannot be lit up without galvanic connection, because it can but, it is not what I am trying to show.

Also, it is not difficult at all to lit up 1 or 2 LEDs by induction, but what I am showing here is the relationship between low input and amount of energy required by loads to work and I am revealing power consumption where it can be measured ... as there is no method to measure output in this configuration which will show true values.

There is a huge voltage drop when a load is connected due to its own resistance and I am not really bothered and no need to use extra resistors. But this electricity do not harm human bodies ... it is the same energy that we live in it.

In videos from links provided I wanted to show that my example where I have made an analogy with musical instruments depending on how we use resonance we need just 1 little input impulse if the system is tuned and will provide work without requiring continuous work.
As seen in the last video just a spark is needed to make huge work compared with the energy of the initial spark.

Also what I am saying is the energy is already here, everywhere, we only need to create a path to conduct it where we want. As it would be incorrect for me to say that I have obtained or create energy with my little circuit, but most people fail to acknowledge that total input of energy in a system is not always obvious and they only count what we are providing from a certain source which is METERED.

If they do not accept existence of aether and the fact we are living in an sea of energy, they would say it is a fake as it is impossible to explain from where and how total energy manifest in the output.

So, if an RLC is properly tuned to be self resonant AND it has enough inductance (able to store enough energy in magnetic field) will work with little loss for as long as it is able to retain the charge. If electromagnetic waves are dampened it means will stop cycling the energy between capacitance and inductance at a high rate and even if it is resonant will stop resonating as the rate of dampening.

Now we can observe few things: each cycle charge/discharge between inductor and capacitor bear a certain amount of energy according to Ohm Law. If voltage is high enough almost all electric flow will manifest outside the conductor, where ohmic resistance is further reduced hugely and available power increase accordingly
Second observation: each cycle should be accounted in energy/unit of time and here high frequency is second factor of amplification

Now regarding my little experiment with fast switched resonant coils I have observed the whole system shut down instantly when high resistance is connected in a form of a load. What this really means ? The load is able to absorb all energy that can be provided from source and this is the best thing. In order to provide more energy as long as the circuit is working as it should, the only thing is another connection to the environment to create the suction path which i think it could be a ground connection through a spark gap even if we can not see the discharge pulse train with our eyes with limited capabilities.


Few more tests done last days.
 As I said before, my little setup is capable of handling more power and what I thought the system shut down it was readjusting itself for the load.

So, I have just been patient for few more seconds and restarted itself for heavier load. Please watch and find a logical, rational explanation for what you see.

Any addition of a ground connection have no effect at all, at any point in circuit.

Now, for me it is enough to advance to next stage. And I am exploring 2 ways: 1. self loop 2. Upgrade my battery Baghdad Battery replication to match the input in self regeneration mode, as in meantime i have made some improvements.


Hi Classic, how are the tests going?

I kept thinking about the "not enough information about bifilar coils" because I thought I saw some comprehensive information somewhere, but what I actually saw was the page of Adrian Marsh and Eric Dollard where they talk about flat coil design. 

So here it is. I believe they are using only the standard pancake coils, not the bifilar one though. But there's experiments and measurements, which is cool.

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