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Resonance and high frequency

Started by Classic, Feb 12, 2024, 01:59 PM

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I will also like to add that transformers can be tuned to a  resonant frequency.  Radio transmitters and receivers have mutilple stages of amplification.  In between those stages are transformers that couple the signal from one stage to the next.  They are tuned by adjusting a ferrite core in or out of the center of the coils of the transformer.  NO resistors involved.

I would respectfully suggest that you get a copy of the Amateur Radio Operators Handbook.  It is put out by the ARRL.  If you get an older copy from Ebay or someplace like that you can probably find one fairly cheaply.  They have been putting out new copies since back in the 1960s or so.  The Handbook starts out teaching you basic electronics and gradually works up to very complex electronic subjects like antenna design and other things.  Don Smith based a lot of his nonsense on charts presented in the Handbook that he totally misunderstood bacause he didn't take the time to learn the basics first.

Just because it is on YouTube does NOT make it real!


Not sure i can find the right answer there, I am using bifilar spiral flat coils mono and bifilar and certain order placement will achieve different power consumption using same source and load.
Placing the right arrangement together in the right order but at variable distance, lead to different output with different power consumption.

There is very little info available for bifilar Tesla coils.

Depending on the load I can get different power output with less power drawn depending on distance between coils. I can lit up a cfl bulb 220v 50hz 11 w using a power source of max 20.43v 3.2 a and power drawn can variate between 28 w to 8.5 w upon the distance between coils with same luminous flux. Also, i can drop in water both wires powering the bulb or just hold them with bare hands without any electrical shock.

If I am powering LEDs in series things go really strange with no resistor used and almost no power consumption (less than 1 watt for +36 LEDs). If I try to add a motor, voltage jump high and burn at least half of LEDs. The more LEDs I add the less power is drawn, but i need to reduce the distance between coils.

Also, any iron near the center of coils will just increase power drawn and nothing else.

Coils are not yet tuned with capacitors as I need few 0.95 and 0.45 pF capacitors which I don't have yet

I will make few videos later to show what i mean.

P.S. I don't think Don Smith is wrong ... most of people can not replicate his work because they stick with different principle according to current acceptance of "science".


So, anyone want to offer any explanation of why using 20 v 3.2 amps DC allow me to use AC bulb and DC LEDs  and i can hold with bare hands each or both wires connecting the load (without experiencing any electric shock or anything unusual/strange) ?

The ZVS circuit and all coils draw 5.1 watts from source without any load connected. The whole system run cold with no heat on any parts of the circuit (tested for 10 hours continuous use for the moment), with and without load connected.

More testing will be done this week with a different coils arrangement and more loads connected. For the moment trying to power a kettle of 2 Kw just shut down the system as is trying to draw more power than can be provided.

More experiments need to be done by adding ground connections in various places to enhance power output without killing the source ... but this will take a while until I will get a good set of resistors and building a little spark gap as well to achieve a train pulse sparks with magnetic quench.


Hi Classic, interesting setup! 

If a water kettle is too much power draw, what about an ironing iron? That could have about a half of the draw.

I think 20V and 3.2 A could be too little to feel anything, even more so in dry conditions. I know how to improve the shock perception but I am not willing to share that publicly as it is dangerous ;D

Anyway, what could happen in this case is that this circuit could produce a surface/radiant effect. If it indeed travels on the surface, you could take an LED and connect it to a diode (with the forward direction of the diode going from - to + of the LED if I am not mistaken) and try if the current actually travels on the surface this way. It is something you can test easily and quickly. Or you can try something like was in the the video of one wire experiment I shared on Mooker if you remember. I can send it to you again if you are interested.


Hi kloakez,

I will try to do more experiments today and thanks for suggestion with ironing iron.

It seems that you got it wrong: my input source is limited to 20v 3.2 amps, the output is completely different, much powerful and you can see that in video. What I am saying is I can touch that output with my bare hands while powering loads or without powering loads and there is no electric shock for human body, no harm, despite being powerful enough to power 70 LEDs in series or a cfl lightbulb for 220V 50 Hz 11 watts.

Not sure what are you trying to say about radiant energy, but if you don't mind share here the videoclip.

I have made this circuit just to show it is possible and is not difficult at all to extract required energy to power a load with a much lower input. Let's call it for now very efficient, not to outrage some people with very sensitive pride.

To be honest this little circuit, pretty inexpensive to make can output even more power by changing coils arrangement and tuning with capacitors and resistors ... investigating now ground connections for ground loop effect.

This is just first step approach for electricity generation with unconventional methods.

I am trying to make no claims yet but show some interesting effects which can be exploited for certain benefits.

So, now back on resonance and high frequency:

If we consider a permanent magnet as a self resonant device with extremely low loss as it is constructed from 3 elements and being able to retain an electrical charge for continuous use and perform continuous work once the charge has been inserted to make a the difference between a dead alloy and energised alloy to create a magnetic field which can be used.

And I have mentioned before in few posts on this forum and not only, that the difference between an permanent magnet and electro magnet consist in ability of electro magnet to lose its charge and 2 elements: iron and copper for electro magnet and 3 elements for permanent magnet: iron, copper, nickel or any other 2 in combination with iron is the most important ! If we are going to investigate electric phenomena.

Also, people looking for electricity generation should try to acknowledge that there is a huge difference between using electricity for a certain effect like radio/tv, broadband etc and electricity generation. I am not saying that we need to throw in the bin all the knowledge and scientific work, but instead to have a different approach when making the difference between generation and usage.

Permanent magnets perform continuous work for as long as they can keep electric charge ! When they lose this electric charge they become a simple alloy ... the beauty is we can spend again some little energy compared with their work and "magnetise" them again.

N Tesla invention for flat spiral bifilar coils as described coils for electromagnets is in fact how to create a powerful magnet where we need to insert very little energy to make them work ! (see videos in links below).

I am not going to repeat many experiments done by others as would be utterly stupid to start from Faraday just to prove my point as some people asks and I am saying that my approach is sitting on Titans shoulders and their discoveries.

I really hate when I am being told that I need to go back to old time books to learn something that I already know and being explained that what I am trying to disclose it shouldn't exist and will violate some physics laws that are interpreted wrong some times and against the TRUTH !

I am being feed up to be told that we cannot create electric energy without spending huge amount of work and resources and is always very complicated and expensive and I should leave all this for experts and specialists ... 

Just few examples I want to show to help understanding what I am speaking about:

And the most imoprtant, which proves my statements made when I said I don't need to inject a high frequency in a coil to make it resonate at its own frequency s state also by Don Smith:

And I am going to say it again: resistors will change the frequency of a coil, because in combination with capacitors they can change the time constant, they will dictate the rate for charging capacitors which makes an RLC circuit self resonant to achieve same performance as a permanent magnet.

Just open your mind and don't let yourself be brainwashed by mainstream science, as they do not serve your own interest anymore, their scope is not fair !

Also, a simple way to generate electricity with very little cost is Tesla patent 685957 with all 4 variants not 685958 patent, where artificial source can be employed in a diy at home setup using UV source from LEDs or whatever your imagination want.  All FREE to enjoy as long as you know what you doing and being able to misuse electric/electronic components from domestic appliances off the shelf.
There is no shame to use artificial source and pay just for device being built with almost no cost for electricity provided ... we don't need to hurt the environment in any way to be able to use a transport mean or any other convenience in our daily life.

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