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Resonance and high frequency

Started by Classic, Feb 12, 2024, 01:59 PM

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Hello everyone,

I wonder if anyone is interested to exchange some information about how to obtain high frequency with very low cost and almost no tools, at least not any expensive tools.

Maybe some disclosure about Don Smith and Kapanadze devices, also Arie Melis DeGeus and why so many failed attempts to replicate their work.

Now, let see how we calculate power in electric circuit, what are the factors where we need to pay attention and why always we need to visualise and draw magnetic flux along electric flux.

For now let's have a look on a simple chat with chatgpt about first stage of any over unity device in solid state:

If there is any interest I can continue to share more findings, just let me know.


When using AI assistants do not go full on the subject of interest, always start with something similar as I did in the chat above ... otherwise you'll never get the answer you are looking for ... most of the time I am denied assistance ... supposedly all I am asking it is dangerous, unethical or even illegal and it happened even if I asked how to extract diy at home vitamin C from fruits.

Any potential interest in conflict with big pharma or energy may be highly misleading or denied by AI assistants.


Hi Classic and welcome to the forum.

If you don't  mind I will make some comments about the conversation with chatgpt.  Either you werent't fully understandiing what the bot was saying or the bot didn't fully understand what you were asking.  A coil or a guitar string will not respond at it's resonant frequency from just any signal or tone hitting the string or coil.  The signal or tone has to be either the resonant frequency of the string or coil or a harmonic of that frequency.  If we want to stick to just an electronic discussion the frequency has to be the fundemental resonant freequency or a harmonic of that which as the bot said is like a 1:3 or 1:4 or some other ratio of fundemental to harmonic frequency.  If the coil responded to just any frequency you would never be able to tune your radio to a certain station or your TV to a certain channel.  The fact you can tune a circuit to a particular frrequency while rejecting all other frequencies is what allows modern communications to exist.

My next statements are not going to be popular with some people but the truth is the truth.  I have worked in electronics since I was 14 years old.  I am now 78.  When I retired 17  years ago I became interested in OU and started testing and building many devices as part of my studies.  Early on someone suggested I look at the Don Smith videos.  I did and quickly reailized Don Smith didn't have any idea what he was talking about.  I saw several things he said that were just not true.  For instance in one of the videos he clearly said that to change the response frequency of a transformer you add a resistor across the input of the transformer.  That is nonsense.  Adding a resistor across the input will lower the Q of a tuned coil or circuit.  The Q of the circuit is how sharply it responds to a signal.  If the Q is high the ciruit will only respond if the input signal is very close to the resonant signal.  If the Q is lowered the circuit will respond to signals that are not quit at the resonant frequency of the circuit.  But the resonant frequency does NOT change when you lower the Q of the circuit by adding a resistor.

Just because it is on YouTube does NOT make it real!


Hello Citfta and thank you.

I know all of this sounds at least weird to say, but harmonic resonance is not so hard to achieve and is the main factor in certain systems like Don Smith coil system or Kapandze or Arie deGeus.

Regarding method of disturbance or exciting, it all about multiple of 1/2 wavelength to maintain resonance in the system. So, the input signal can be any signal at any frequency ... we only need to pinch a string or coil in our case. Once we pinch it, it will vibrate at its own resonance as we tuned it.

For example, when I play the guitar, there is no way i can pluck the strings with +20 Mhz, but the string will resonate at +20 Mhz if it is tuned accordingly and will do that every time I pluck the strings. This is just simple physics, it can be anything, a string, a beam, bridge, skyscraper or a copper wire that has been coiled for convenience. This is about vibrations (as per Tesla quote think energy in terms of vibrations and frequency).

Also, we can see how Tesla used to calculate capacity in cm of wire in Colorado Spring notes and he used spark gap as signal generator, measuring amplitude by the length of electric arc. His spark gap was used multivalent as a aparent negative resistance, signal generator and/or isolation between loops.

Now regarding added resistance as part of tuning i can't see anything wrong as any LC circuit will have a certain resistance which can be manipulated for efficiency of power transfer. Well, will have a greater effect if LC using a ferromagnetic core, but for aircore for high frequency is ok.


Also Citfta, you are right following your logic for tuning circuits for very specific purpose as radio and tv ... BUT, here we want to bring everything in the circuit and lower frequency are welcome. This lower frequency from source will help with subharmonics amplifying the output.

So, in order to create such a stimulus first of all we need to know what is the lowest frequency we are going to use, then calculate to make sure our highest frequency represented in the circuit by the length of wire it is a multiple of initial frequency as much as possible.

Also, we can amplify even more the frequency by  using 1/4 of the highest frequency and make the resonance coil double to match 1/2 and and add another coil of 1/4 with opposite end left unterminated/not connected to introduce a higher harmonic for reflected wave.

Now, regarding parallel resistor or resistors ... they will lower the impedance as long as they are in parallel and not series.

I don't know how many people are aware but there is an very interesting effect where lower resistance in providing circuit will raise the output power and parallel resistors wil just do this by creating an apparent negative resistance (exactly the same of what any ballast for neon/fluorescent lights will do).

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