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EEG_EM_New_Technique_TRANSVERSE_FLUX (TF) (Provisional Patent Applied for)

Started by solarlab, Dec 20, 2023, 09:51 PM

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Quote from: Classic on May 24, 2024, 03:01 AM@solarlab, there is no rage or furry, just some disappointment ... I can't see in what you have exposed so far anything new. You just have hacked a wind generator and it took you few years of simulations on computer ... to be confirmed by a working device yet.

Classic - Congradulations; you've nearly figured out how the EE_TFG works!

One more simple step - Replace the Rotating Permanent Magnets in the PMTF Wind Generator with
fixed Electromagnets. Then mimic the signal waveform created by the rotating permanent magnets
using the fixed electromagnetcs driven by an electronic controller!

Eliminates a variety of drawbacks in the current PM wind generators; including having to rotate the disc
containing the magnets.

The EE_TFG is now fixed and requires no external source [wind or other] to drive it. Plus, no moving parts.

Pretty simple aye!

And the Transverse Flux "EE" concept is very straight forward; a series of electromagnetics driven in unison
with a Simple Loop of Wire inside the "U Shaped" laminations for the Output.   

Just a hacked (modified) PMTFG Wind Generator (with lots of technical reference papers, including performance
and design data as well).

, and have a great Memorial Day weekend!


PS - the CAE Analysis does help a lot when actually designing; e.g. How much current is required in an
elecctromagnet to mimic, or respond in a similar fashion, to the permanent magnet, etc..
Is it even possible? What will it look like? What results can be achieved? What will other input signals give?



Let me put this, and other similar demands, for a basic proof of concept (POC) to bed
right now.

There is -NO - Basic Proof Of Concept available at this time.

As you know, or should have known, prior to extensive testing and evaluation internally
and by a large number of other agencies (Quality, Environmental, FCC, Power (grid and 
companies), OSHA - just to name a few) there is no proof that these devices will function 
in a nominal and safe fashion, over time, and within their specified enviroments.

Therefore, it would be premature to assume the concept will meet any, or all, functions
in an operational sense. To claim so would be foolish a best, and rather stupid, at worst.

Full requirements testing can take some time - a year or more - before that's all complete
there is simply no complete verifiable POC. This is a very new and unique concept.

In the interim the EE-TFC's unique concept as an educational presentation along with
the projected (WAG) design and Analysis Data (CAE) is all there is. It was meant to
spark a new way of thinking about how electromagnetics might work to achieve some
real excess energy generation. This is evidenced in current art PMTF Wind Generators.

So, in closing let me state again:

"There is - NO, I repeat NO - Basic Proof Of Concept available at this time. However,
when completed, the data will likely be regarded as "Project Proprietary, Confidential, Technical
and Business Information." This is typically SOP...

Hope this clears things up!





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