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MEG?? EP 4 131 749 A1

Started by lota, Jan 10, 2024, 09:01 AM

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I want to do this build. How do you think the magnets have to be arranged?

EPO - European publication server


Hello Lota,

I moved your Topic to Category >>Virtual Displacement of Magnetic Fields to Generate Energy>>Board >>Other Machines based on this Principle.

Originally you put it under Figuera New Method Board.

Related to the Korean Patent you have cited, there is some more info by Rakarskiy at:  Electromagnetic Generator Theory (

I do not think there are permanent magnets on this invention. It uses an AC Input Coil, and there are Four (4) Coils that collect and rectify to DC Output.

See:  Electromagnetic Generator Theory - Page 5 (


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You are right. But I'm going to build it with magnets. I can still change it.


Not sure what you want to build with permanent magnets apart from an alternator or a dynamo. How are you going to switch on/off the flux of permanent magnets at resonant frequency of the coils to be induced ?

If you read the patent you want to replicate you may observe, that the whole thing has been set in this way to make it solid state, in description where they point out the problem and their solution.

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