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LinGen - ANALYSIS & DEVELOPMENT of Sliding/Rotating Magnetic Fields

Started by solarlab, Dec 27, 2023, 03:28 PM

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During the year long process of analyzing and attempting to optimize the "LinGen" device
another scheme was discovered that seemed to be much better. It appeared to be capable
of a much higher output, easier to build and readily expandable.

Coined the "EE_TFG (Electronic controlled Electromagnets employed in a Transverse Flux
scheme to form a Generator with no moving parts). The advantages were obvious.

Based upon TFPM Generators (Transverse Flux Permanent Magnet Wind Generators) which
use permanent magnets (PM) in a rotating fashion; the methods used seemed ripe for
replacing the PMs with Electromagnets (EMs) and electronically controlling the operation.

The simplicity of the device was almost too-good-to-be-true  -  two "U" shaped pole cores
with a coil on one leg to form an electromagnetic field through the pole cores. Two pole cores
are "butted" together to form a full rectangle with a slot space in the center.

Within the slot space, one or more simple "Loop" pick-up coils are placed which provide the
Output Coil winding(s). There is very little loss involved and the magnetic and electric fileds
are seperate (isolated) from each other.

Preliminary CAE Analysis showed some unreal promise so development of the "LinGen" was
suspended in favour of investigating the EE-TFG.    To-date this was a good move!

For historical reasons, the "LinGen" material will remain in place but further development is
not likely to resume in the near term.

Analysis and design of the "LinGen" was, however, definitely a great Learning Experience.

The new design approach can be found in this thread:   EEG_EM_New_Technique_TRANSVERSE_FLUX (TF)


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