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EEG_EM_New_Technique_TRANSVERSE_FLUX (TF) (Provisional Patent Applied for)

Started by solarlab, Dec 20, 2023, 09:51 PM

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Misc Animations of the Operation (from CAE)

Two animations are attached in 7z (zip) format that depict the movement of
the "H" "B" and "J" fields in the device.

Store the zip somewhere (downloads) and unzip to view the animations in your
favourite animated gif viewer.

Good night for now... 



Animation Explanation

From the above files - the animation "TFG_Z03_Example_1.7z" shows the complete system with
only one (1) Pole around the Output Loop (a simple wire loop of "t" turns). The more Poles that
are added, in turn, causes more Output to be created. So the theory goes anyaway - will check
that out in the near future using CAE.

The second animation "TFG_Z03_TRb.7z" shows the "B Field" "N/S" flip flop action created
by the "H [A-turns/m]" coils on each leg of the Pole. This "H" is created by the 100mA
current simultaneously feeding the two (2) 20 turn N Coil and S Coil, in series, from a typical
"Full H-Bridge."

There's nothing more to it. Considering the In vs Out ratio, and the simplicity, this could
be a true break-through in EEG!      CAE Analysis shows the possibilities...



Example Files | can be opened in Ansys AEDT Student

ANSYS Electronic Desk Top (AEDT) Student version download link:
  (Built-in license valid until 07/31/24) [zip file 8.3GB] Has some limitations.

Attached are two (2) files that can be opened and examined (played with to some extent - except
AEDT Student does not allow Transient solutions and is node restricted - limited mesh).

The files may be useful in understanding the concept as well as determining the "Magnetostatic B, H, J etc.

Several AEDT Student Proj "getting started" files are found at the Mooker Forum.
Proj Link starts about here:



Some Interesting Data

Since this EEG_EM LinGen V2 approach is new, there are no patents, papers or other a priori
information available for reference. Therefore, everything has to be done from the ground
up. Including studies based on Wild Ass Guesses (WAG's) and Experimental Analysis.

To date, the technique appears to be of great value to those seeking an independant
generation source. All of the attributes meet, or exceed, anything that has been developed
to date. Initial results seem to be "too good to be true;" and further work will hopefully bare
this out.

Anyway, the attached pdf charts some of the initial analysis of adding poles to the loop,
changing the number of turns for both the N S "U Poles" and Loop coil. 

It's just some data so it might not be too interesting to those looking for a "Cook Book" device 
however some experimenters who are interested in evolving this method might find it of value.

Have a Merry Christmas   and hopefully I will continue this project in the New Year!



TFG_Z04 Pole Dimensions and Lamination Structure

Received an inquiry about the TFG_Z04 Pole dimensions and Lamination structure so I'll
quickly add what I've done so far (this is WAG so take it for what it's worth).

Attached two (2) files (before I forget):

"TFG_Z04_8-Pole_Dimensions (WAG) and Structure.pdf"

Note the unique 1/2 Pole cut pattern scheme to reduce waste... I think it's pretty | cleaver |.

Have a good one!


And, yes, I'm at my "other office" (the Boat Dock Bar)...

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