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EEG_EM_New_Technique_TRANSVERSE_FLUX (TF) (Provisional Patent Applied for)

Started by solarlab, Dec 20, 2023, 09:51 PM

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NOTE: These figures are Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimates only. They are solely for
the purpose of design engineering analysis and are subject to errors, omissions and change.

Very Preliminary Observations: (based on the WAG dimensions and physical layout)

- Number of Loop turns does not seem to make a significant difference (Output Loop terminated into 5 ohms),

- Frequency (Pulse - Pperiod and Pwidth) does not seem to increase the output to any extent,

- Coil turns DOES seem to have a significant impact on the output. Appears to be the 'Prime Parameter.'

- Output ranges [theoretically] from 24.2KW (500 Coil turns) to 49.3W (20 Coil turns) at a
      Coil Drive of 100mA (+50mA/-50mA) based upon the initial WAG.

More details are found in the attachment "TFG Z05 Preliminary Performance Study.pdf" A second pdf is just
the Worksheets FWIW.

Take care and have a Very Good 2024!



Daar SL,
Thank you for sharing your recent simulations.
I am amazed with these unbelievable results and scary at the same time!
Can this be for real?
I will definitely follow your messages and willing to make a replication.
Keep up the good work.

Happy New Year for all.

Greetings, Alex



Initially I had the same reservations w.r.t. the analysis results; however, after studying some
of the Wind Generator papers, etc. using TFG techniques, the numbers do not appear to that
much "out-of-line." Some of these compact devices have quite a "healthy" output at low RPM.

One observation I noticed is that the output doesn't change that much as the frequency (RPM)
changes - which would be a definite bennefit for wind based systems.

Scheduled some prototype builds and tests for early in the new year. Still very optomistic!
Thermal will likely be the limiting factor as the wattage increases - a fixed vs wind environment...



Hi Worldcup,

Once you review the TFG information that I've presented so far, in detail if need be; you'll be able to
quickly and easily answer your own questions.


NOTE: At the risk of sounding harsh - please be advised this thread is geared towards the design,
development and analysis of a new and novel discovery relating to TFG_EE technology that appears
to provide the excess energy we've all been looking into. This is a detailed technical thread (as is the
Overunity Machines Forum in general).

To avoid the "degeneration" of the professional approach used here; I will let your post stand for a
brief period and then remove it. I hope you will appreciate my requirements regarding discussions.

Well written and researched "Technical Presentations" are appreciated and welcome - anything else gets scrubbed!

Have a good one!



Hi SL,

As usual I'm a little confused. In your 'TFG_Z05 PRELIMINARY PERFORMANCE STUDY.pdf' you say the pulse frequency is 10Hz and 20Hz, but looking at the plots the abscissa is labeled 'Time [ms]' with a max range of 1.0

Counting the cycles in the 1 ms plot tells me the frequency is 10KHz and 20KHz. Is it a typo, or is something happening that I'm missing?


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