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EEG_EM_New_Technique_TRANSVERSE_FLUX (TF) (Provisional Patent Applied for)

Started by solarlab, Dec 20, 2023, 09:51 PM

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Another paper worth reviewing.

Shows an analytic approach to solutions. Just an FYI, but might be useful if no 3D CAE is available
and you enjoy using some math!

However, a lot of the work can be done using Ansys Electronics Desktop's (AEDT) free Student Edition
using Magnetostatic and Eddy Current.

Again, keep in mind we are replacing the PM's with EM's and there is no motion/rotation.




Before beginning a detailed design intent a review of promising topologies (in particular Pole designs)
was conducted.

As a result; the primary focus will begin with the "WAG" scheme presented earlier. Several papers also
support this approach, plus, due to the straight forward configuration, ease of fabrication, and good
performance it is concluded that this is a good place to start with respect to (wrt) designing an Excess
Energy Generator (EEG) based on the Transverse Flux (TF) concepts.

More than 30+ papers, patents and articles were reviewed with several being studied in detail.

Some may criticize or comment - "quit the theory stuff and just get on with it" - but try to realize that
a "wrong direction" mis-step in the beginning can easily lead to a giant "waste of time" in the end.
A thourough literature review before beginning any indepth design is a very common practise.

So, I ask for your patience as I attempt to leave "no stone unturned" prior to initiating long computer
simulation analyses, expensive part procurement and warming up the soldering gun.

Two papers are attached. The first deals with very good summary (a 2021 paper from the Turkish Journal
of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences) and performance analysis of TF designs. 

A second paper is a Dissertation that focuses on some significant performance improvements that
can be applied to a design similar to the WAG. Of inerest, amongst other things, is a simple widening
modification to the pole piece slot that appears to result in a 35%/80%/90% increase in performance.


1. "Comparative review of disk type and unconventional transverse flux machines: performance analysis"


SUPRISING PERFORMANCE (almost unbelievable)

After reviewing the performance specifications of a variety of Transverse Flux Generators,
it's surprising how well these devices perform. A couple of things really stand out:

1.  A generator with a relative slim depth and a small overall diameter, appears to produce
upwards of ~ >240V with > 1++ kW output, rotating near 600 RPM. Thats about 10Hz x # of
Poles, say 600/60 = 10Hz x 16p = 160 Hz - that's the N/S pulse rate for all poles simultaneous.
Ooops! Not exactly - the "tick rate" is 600/60 = 10; each pole "ticks" at the same time, therefore 10Hz!

2.  They are powered by Permanent Magnets with strengths ranging in value from 0.6 to 1.4
Tesla and most are quite flat (1-2mm) with a very small diameter (some much <12-15mm).
They also include gaps of around 1-2mm to allow the disc to rotate. We don't need gaps.

3.  A small 1.2T ElectroMagnet can be made using < 50mA with 20 turns of wire. These
EM's can also be powered in series, making the requirements almost nothing, when compared to
the possible output power. A 3V supercap supplying, say, 100mA = 0.3W.

Having done some preliminary analysis of this novel TF device using electromagnets; I still
find it amazing! 

Hey, have I had too much Christmas/New Years CHEER or is this actually for REAL? We shall see...

*  Is it really this simple?  *  Can we easily construct such a apparatus?   *   It appears so!

A simplified technical discussion regarding ElectroMagnet construction is attached.   It can
also be used in conjunction with AEDT (Student - Magnetostatic) to verify the 'analytic' results.


Happy New Year Everyone!

Attached: "Practical electromagnet design.pdf"


Dear SL,

Thank you for sharing this technology.
Hope your meaningful work will help us all in understanding
the technology and replicating it.
Perfectly explained and best news so far I have heard.




Hi Alex (kampen),

Happy New Year!

Based on a lot of preliminary design study and analysis it appears this new, novel, idea
of replacing the permanent magnets with electronically controlled electromagnets in 
these Transverse Flux Generators (primarily for wind turbines) just might be the answer!

We shall see...  Have a look at the attached data in the next post. Any questions or concerns,
please let me know - this is all pretty new, probably to everyone, and there's no Cook Book.



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