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Resonance and high frequency

Started by Classic, Feb 12, 2024, 01:59 PM

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And just in case, this system works based on switching the flow of current in coils, any other method employed can work as long as desired effect is obtained without departing from the working principle of presented device as more methods will be shown soon upon my availability to record videos and upload.

Everything is open source free to use for any purpose and attempts to patent anything exposed here will encounter legal action and seek nullifying of patents.


Dear Classic,

In reply to your message #36.
Have a look at this website below.

Greetings, Alex


Quote from: kampen on Apr 19, 2024, 02:07 PMDear Classic,

In reply to your message #36.
Have a look at this website below.

Greetings, Alex

Hi Alex,

I guess you are suggesting to use this calculator against the input. It might not be very efficient or accurate as I cannot account for all energy input, just the measurable supplied part of it.

I waiting now for nichrome wire ptfe insulation for bespoke heating element. The whole system will work based on maintaining a large hot water tank at 60-80 degrees celsius all time without the need to heat fast as power consumption is small and can be kept on all the time.

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