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The DZ Generator by Pierre Cotnoir (IN=170W>OUT=1700W)

Started by Ufopolitics, Dec 13, 2023, 10:30 AM

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Hello All,

@Classic sent me this video by PM, thks Classic!...:

It is an "advanced" replication of the DZ Generator by Pierre Cotnoir, so I decided to post it here.

I called it "advanced" because it is using solid state electronic switching instead of relays, like Pierre used...

However, it is not working for him, although he is getting on output over 170 Volts...and you all could see that digital meter goes off once he connects a small halogen bulb.

In my opinion, this happens where there is no "juice" or amps on output...just higher than input voltage.

I have no idea how he is switching these coils, but I am seeing 6 switchers and a processor board...and it may mean that he has 36 coils.

These type of generators does not work like Figuera, they are fully rotary 360º, and there is a huge loss just by being this way.

So, that means, in order to be able to generate a higher amperage, everything must be "perfect".

First thing that I noticed he is doing wrong, is using a Generator Exciting Field Assembly (not modified) as the center coil that outputs.

In all my years working with magnetic fields, I have learned that you simply can not add more steel than just "required", basically off the Geometry that fields work...because the exciting field will get spread out of the main area where it must concentrate...and he is inserting gen exciter with steel the full shaft and the whole thing, even the bearings...

This kills the exciting field strength.

If you go to original video from Pierre, his center coil is just ONE Coil (Exciter he is using have Two Coil in series), plus it only have a center steel cross core, that you can barely see, unless he pulls it out.

Other thing I have no idea how he is doing the sequencing.

Pierre DZ exciter coils work in pairs across, that CROSS FLUX in Diagonal and move that way for the whole 360...but video is in, I do not understand how he is doing it.

Other than that it is a great and simple replication.



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Hello All,

Two weeks ago, I started studying this device, and today, while reading, I had the sad realization that the page was blocked. A Telegram channel appeared. I hope whoever took over the page will, at some point, give access to this valuable archive.

I hope this forum will not meet the same fate and, at some point, disappear.




Good time friends!

I visited this telegram channel. Along the way, complete ignorance of how a synchronous generator works in detail gives rise to .... "dancing on a rake"

The first generator with a mechanical rotor and a rotor without movement does not change the principle of indicating EMF. The task of a static rotor with switchable magnets is to repeat the work of a mechanical magnetic rotor.

Secondly, what is the principle behind the induction of EMF in the stator groove? Technically, the magnetic flux lines, the wire in the groove, are not cut. Why is the transformer EMF formula used to calculate the no-load EMF in a generator?Even in booklets about the basic structure of generators, "Basic Generator," the subtleties of the generator's operation to create an EMF and a sinusoidal signal are not disclosed. They are simply stating a fact.

Третье, почему игнорируете элементарные подобия, простейшего генератора с сердечником и генератора в укладкой в паз?

I indicated all the basic features of designing such a machine:

Wise Eye OverUnity: Electric generator with solid state magnetic rotor. ( 

I took it and clearly indicated where in the grooves the main turns of the phase should be laid:

Slide-1; Slide - 2


Not everything that is declared in textbooks is true!



(Третье, почему игнорируете элементарные подобия, простейшего генератора с сердечником и генератора в укладкой в паз?)

Third, why do you ignore the elementary similarities of a simple generator with a core and a generator placed in a groove?

The simplest generator with a core, find the position where the pole lines of force intersect the winding. By the way, one professor teaching electrical engineering told me why change the concept of education if such details are needed by a narrow circle of specialists who are engaged in design.

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