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Electromagnetic Generator Theory

Started by rakarskiy, Dec 12, 2023, 09:24 AM

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Good time Ufopolitics!

I am very happy that there is this Korean project, which is already presented to the world as fuel-free and autonomous. 
About the smooth change of current in the control coils - it is absolutely true.  But in any case you need to understand the physics of the process.
In my opinion, the Korean design and the description in the patent may be fake. I won't say anything yet, but as it turns out, it's not just my opinion. The Koreans want to keep the know-how of the technology to themselves, in principle it is a trade secret.
About Figueras's design, you can try to make the core of his oscillator (1902) in a simplified form, for example, from two microwave transformer cores. You just need to remove the windings and configure it according to the drawing.

This is my old problem solving endeavors, when I looked for a solution then applied it to Figuer and got a match.
I hope it works out for you.

Regards, Serge!


My research led to an understanding of what happened in the 1902 and 1908 patents. The principle was the same, but in 1902 the goal was to sell, which was accomplished (so many details were hidden). In 1908, details of the control of the 1902 design were revealed.  That the magnetic system in the 1908 drawing is pure convention is quite obvious, and the author makes this clear in the patent description.  In both patents there are two groups of control coils and an induction circuit. How the magnetic system works in this case is my version below. I did not bring my research almost to the end, as I was not aiming to realize a Figuera but a pulse system. Perhaps my sketches will be useful to someone.  Regards.

14-Electromagnetic generators -

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Studied the Korean patent again. I made a block diagram. The coils are wound on an iron core, with iron washers (pole lugs) between them.
In any case in the block of armature and control coils it is not clear yet how such a marvellous conversion takes place.  Previous experience with a similar coil block, on a mettalic core, did not lead to the desired result.

Устройство Клементе Фигуера (патент 1908 года) Clemente Figuera's device (patent 1908) - Google Фото


One of the most interesting part in the PATENT APPLICATION EP 4 131 749 A1.

[0059] In another preferred embodiment of the present invention, pure iron, more preferably heat-treated pure iron is employed as the material of the core member 40 and/or the pole piece 80.
Pure iron has high magnetic permeability and excellent electrical conductivity, but has relatively high coercive force.

Since magnetic fields are applied to the core member 40 and the pole pieces 80 alternately or in various ways from the first field magnet 10-1 and the second field magnet 10-2, or the first field magnet 10-1 and the first and second magnetic fields generated by the second field magnet 10-2 are alternate- ly applied, it is required for the material to have a fast demagnetization time, that is, a low coercive force.

According to the research conducted by the present inventors, when pure iron is heated to a certain temperature or higher and then cooled slowly, the demagnetization time is shortened in response to the cooling time.

FIG. 8 is a graph showing the demagnetization time characteristics according to the cooling time of pure iron. As a result of the study, it was confirmed that the demagnetization time could be shortened to 1/450 second or less if the temperature of pure iron heated to a certain temperature was gradually cooled for a sufficient time for more than 10 hours.
In addition, if the cooling time of pure iron is delayed, an additional effect of improving magnetic permeability and electrical conductivity is obtained."

To be able to make the core material geting high permeability and the demagnetization time you want.
Wonder if you simply can make a laminated toroidal transformer  and use short input pulses +-. 
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