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Electromagnetic Generator Theory

Started by rakarskiy, Dec 12, 2023, 09:24 AM

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Mr. Medina can NOT give me Company details of MagneTrone only that production is in Colombia before he receives the Payment in full.
Asking for product Certification details he told me that this device is UL and CE Certified and the are selling this to USA and Europe on regular basis.
Asking for user reference is not possible also Top Secret.
Asking for a model/type for 230VAC 50Hz this is possible.


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To me this device looks like a Chinese petrol/gasoline Inverter Generator of 10 kW and 60 Hz.
Reading the website I noticed production is in Germany. Visiting the factory is also not possible.
My opinion at this date: this is 
I try to upload the Banking details:


Greetings, Alex


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Please note, there's a Legitimate Magnetron SA Company in Medellin Colombia this is a 45 year's old company but they never heard of the MagneTrone Generator.


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On the website of MagneTrone it's written that payment is possible by PayPal and also CC.

Fact is that Mr. Medina insisted on prepayment by Bank transfere.

So NO other payment is accepted.
Well this sounds fishy to me.

I have also asked for confirmation of my legal status as distributor having qualified for dealership he will only do that after receipt of Banktransfere. Snake oil business 


Hello Kampen,

I agree 100%, it is a SCAM.
Normally an Enterprise of this magnitude would have no problems to show the Basic Blue Prints, Internal Circuitry, etc.
If it is based in Germany it should have an European Patent...

It is based on Permanent Magnets it specifies on its Spec's.
And we all know, to achieve this, we need a "prime mover"...
Unless they have a PM Motor within, which I highly doubt...


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