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Electromagnetic Generator Theory

Started by rakarskiy, Dec 12, 2023, 09:24 AM

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Recently I had an argument with an adherent of the inviolability of orthodox physics, its branch of electrodynamics. For this reason, I put together in a logical chain my various publications and the idea to prove the absurdity of statements about the impossibility of creating a power plant where the drive will be a low-power electric motor. This work has distracted me from other tasks that I consider more important. What I stated in the publication is not news to me for a long time. This may be news to you.
I warn you, this is my understanding of electrodynamics (and is far from complete). I have no desire to convince anyone or start fights and discussions.

In the material I presented everything very clearly with examples. I tried to present this as simply as possible. If you claim the method of presentation according to the method: "tell me everything in a simpler way so that I understand, because I have no time to think," then do not bother familiarizing yourself with my works. I wish you all a pleasant and informative reading.

You can download it for free from the link:  ELECTRODYNAMICS OVER UNITS * DC MOTOR AND GENERATOR - Мои файлы - Каталог файлов - Free Energy Ukraine (

eBook, 2024, PDF, 46 pages, English language, Free,



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I have archives with excel files in my storage, the system recognises as unverified software.
I have uploaded an additional English version to my channel  (appended to the post):

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