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Electromagnetic Generator Theory

Started by rakarskiy, Dec 12, 2023, 09:24 AM

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Rakarskiy Topic on Electromagnetic Theory

Good times!

 Today I finished a short article on the transformer. A very important topic, about the principles that get tripped up when building static generators. I'm no exception. I had to research this issue.  Academic science blatantly lies about the principle of mutual induction and the processes involved. I hope this will help me not to step on the rake.

Free Energy Ukraine - Transformer (


Good day, all those who want to understand and build their own energy generator in the conversion factor Over Unity.
Here is an interesting article about Voltage and Current in an electrical circuit, especially when the source is an electromagnetic generator.

Free Energy Ukraine - EMF in Current (


Good day to all!
South Korea's SEMP Group and Abu Dhabi-based Global Solutions for Project Management launched a revolutionary innovation that will define the future of clean energy - the Artificial Intelligent Smart Electromagnetic Generator (AISEG) at COP-28 organized in Dubai, UAE. The SEMP Research Institute has developed an intelligent electromagnetic generator with artificial intelligence (AISEG) based on the principles of Biot-Savard's law and Faraday's law. The company's website [ ] has test results conducted by nationally accredited testing institutes. The PDF shows that they have an input power of 0.799 kW and an output power of 18.192 kilowatts. (patent link).

My thoughts on how to possibly arrange something like this in my publication:  AISEG - OverUnity Generator COP -28 - Over Unity Systems - Каталог статей - Free Energy Ukraine (


My assumption was wrong (practically a new idea). In the Korean static oscillator the topology is very similar to that of UFOpolitics. 

The link to the patent is more readable 


Quote from: rakarskiy on Dec 19, 2023, 02:27 AMMy assumption was wrong (practically a new idea). In the Korean static oscillator the topology is very similar to that of UFOpolitics. 

The link to the patent is more readable

Thanks Rakarskiy!!

It is basically "similar" to the Original 1908 Figuera Patent ;D ...However, this one does NOT use the great advantages that I have Disclosed, consisting of Several Sequentially Pulsed Electromagnets as the Geometries of both designs are also different.

This Generator Outputs only DC Currents...Not Alternated.

However, I wish the Inventors good luck, having an Abu Dhabi Corporation as "partner"...knowing that Arab Emirates makes a living based on selling Oil...

But, the main that I am NOT Patenting my Generator Design...I believe it is just an "Enhanced Figuera" I first, study and built for long years all his patents.

Regards friend

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