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Zero point energy defined with particle physics proofs

Started by mikefromspace, Dec 26, 2023, 11:57 PM

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The secret to zero point energy as described by Tesla through Tom Bearden; pump z waves in sync yet out of phase implode through nonlinear medium to form a sum of waves (sum of wave peaks on a carrier wave not mentioned yet becomes obvious).

Hi, I'm mikefromspace on youtube and I began my www presence in 1996 when I posted a theory about particle physics on geocities (it's still contained in the wayback machine) which explained a few simple ideas originating from Tesla via a paper by Tom Bearden, and a proposal by Stephen Hawking which wasn't ever fully researched. I'm not coming here to showboat myself but show you guys a few things I'm betting you're not fully aware of. That little secret to zero point is part of everything, even the heart of the atom.

Long story short, I had found the biggest key to unification of the fields possible at the time, for it predicted the exact geometry for superconductivity and a few other amazing proofs that would be found over the years in both experimental evidence and mathematics.
One of my predictions, for example, about electron neutrino wind was found true years later using the $270million Ice Cube project. I can refer you the proofs of this fact thanks to wayback machine and my copyright in 2003.

The greatest mathematical proof lay in the prime spiral relationship to the forces found by Azra Wind. Something I knew existed for atoms but had not fully discovery due to my lack of work in math. I began it all using projective geometry, the root of all geometry.
I never submitted a physics paper for this, perhaps because I care only for the research of related sciences I can put my hands on.
The one project I'm known for most is reverse engineering Ed Leedskalnin's device at Coral Castle. It's a simple zero point energy device using 2 old truck starter generator motors in series loop with the 24v flywheel made as a motor with distributor to reset a charge carrier on variable timing to sinewaves of the magneto block in sync with a special coil array inside the 24v device. That complete circuit is 3 phase plus a 4th phase as that carrier wave made by shorting out the 24v array with earth ground. Zero point, where free energy is made, was the timing post's 3 coil layers as it folds space to compress energy into any conductive item of smaller radius as part of that circuit (copper coils in 4 locations).
I've made working zpe devices but do not feel it's safe to advertise this anywhere online or otherwise, except by word of mouth and anonymous if possible. I've seen how so many great inventors are naive of the fact that big oil makes them disappear fast.
I advise everyone here to keep this in mind.
Meanwhile I will be happy to share all my knowledge of these sciences and even inventions as long as you're not asking for photo proofs. One of these is actually a lot more powerful and easier to construct than Figuera's device, not that it wouldn't be a lot better in many applications since it requires earth ground.
The closest I've come to something like that is the 16v device used by Ed to run his 1908 Model T with 40hp free energy. I have plans to refit one of my vehicles with a 400+hp version of that... unless perhaps, I find the power to weight ratio of Figuera's device is better. No doubt, your device looks easier to build. I will share photos of a 16 generator I have hooked up to a 24kw powerhead at the moment but it's missing half the parts as I rebuild the magnet array.
The pound to horsepower ratio of the 16v is over 1hp per lb, and perhaps over 2 or 3. This I wont know until I finish and test the new magnet array. Instead of a communicator, this motor uses a distributor to fire spark plugs that don't do anything for anything. They just burn off energy so the opposite end of the circuit can spill off a heavy flow of positive ions. It shapes charge itself into a Julian set fractal. (!!!) I cannot verify this, but the owner of Keelynet told me his grandfather designed and built that 16v for Ford, and Ford used it as leverage to help keep his auto industry above others against the Rockerfellers etc... the same nice guys who gave us the 440hz devil's interval to make everyone angry, instead of the 432hz musical scale which not only matches with natures cymatic patterns, but into the heart of nature's origin in boson formatting- the particles which truly contain the atom by forming energy intersections where the 3 poles may form the linear plane building block of 3 spiral arms. All things are ultimately imploding in compression to the fano plane and exploding from this place, which is why protons and neutrons can only be 3 quarks uud or ddu.
If you wish to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of 3,6,9, As Tesla said, but why? Because those avoid the prime spiral as those numbers pass as DeBroglie waves through zero point as charge in motion. Primes cannot pass through zero point because the DeBrogie wave of a prime cannot exist on the other side of focal passage since the wave is not divisible and would result in zero kinetic feedback to it's source.  This forced resistance of primes splits charge away from the prime spiral, grouping matter, grouping all including gravity ultimately, which is just time's way of saying "I'll avoid positive and flow more with negative and avoid opposing negative because I am the smallest and most superior in hydraulic space of all negative particles in magnetic current. It's the path of least resistance." As I discovered, time is nothing more than the flow of decayed particles against new larger particles made FROM them flowing the opposite direction from the stars that consume them. No other theory unifies or comes close to explaining all the mysteries of the cosmos.

So, if you want to know exactly how many turns to make in any circuit to make it most efficient, know the primes you must avoid. You may refer to a simple table of primes online or to get more into it, check out the book by James M.McCanney "Calculate primes".

Sorry for the long post. I realize I'm not a peer reviewed author though I have made a few grand in ebook sales and have all the references necessary to prove my work. It's such a bore trying to convince those Ivy League physicists that the photon doesn't really exist.

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