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Interpretation of Figuera generator

Started by feb_, Jan 21, 2024, 04:44 AM

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hola de nuevo ufo,

Para una escobilla incrustada en el eje girando en un cilindro con delgas o contactos ... No hacía falta descomponer la máquina en piezas y mandar fabricar a diferentes países, por ejemplo Alemania.



Hi Ufo

Regarding Transverse Induction here's a test I did with two U cores (B1) and flat coils between the legs of the cores and a coil wound around the top of one core (B2)(B3). With flat coils between one of each legs it worked. I got a signal on both flat coils. One flat coil between both legs (B4) didn't work. The input signal was sine or triangle.
It works with one coil, you just have to wind it in a special way.

So regarding Figuera's generator, I think that the special input signal he uses makes it work.
It's like a seesaw or as long as there is higher pressure on one side the water flows in one direction then when it gets higher on the other side it flows in the other direction.

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Quote from: hidrogeno on Jan 21, 2024, 04:01 PMhola ufo,

mi opinión, si los contactos puente giran 90º, en lugar de aumentar los electro imanes de arriba al tiempo que aminoran los de abajo, lo harían ambos por igual subiendo y bajando gradualmente y si a eso de añadimos movimiento la secuencia sería la composición de ambos movimientos de una forma relacionada con el giro de la escobilla.


Buenos  Dias!!

No te compliques tanto  "la vida" mas facil de lo que imaginas...  ;D
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