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Started by Ufopolitics, Nov 19, 2023, 03:39 PM

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Hello again,

Well, I found where the issue was...the Slip Ring and was adding like 20 to 15 ohms to system and at certain points even more, was uneven and lack of brush pressure also..:o

The Commutator & Brush were perfectly fine, 0.01 ohms.

Now it is all fixed, it is giving like 0.02 to 0.01 ohms between all contacts...I adjusted slip-ring brush with higher pressure plus I sanded copper ring with ultra fine sand paper while running it like a lathe...piece of cake!!

I am back to work...

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I'm glad that you got it figured out.  It is best to figure out all the intricacies before you launch into your new, more complicated, commutator build.

Good luck,

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