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Lüling UHD 4K Video from the Original 1966, 35mm Film

Started by Ufopolitics, Nov 28, 2023, 06:28 PM

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Hello to All,
I rendered this Video digitally, directly from 35 mm strips from the Original movie film from 1966
Thanks to Semi, from Germany, who purchased the Rights on all the original strips (Frames) and gave it to me so I could make the Video.
You could find the excellent research and development from Semi at:
* Secrets of Friedrich Lüling *
* Setting 4K UHD *
You must go to Settings - Quality to choose the UHD 4K Format, otherwise, by default, it will play in just HD (1080)
* Subtitles *
I have incorporated Subtitles in German (done by Semi), in Spanish, done by me, and also in English, where we both contributed to make it "American English".
I just added Potuguese Subtitles...and soon I will have French and Italian
You can find all subs in SETTINGS on your right hand lower screen
I will be adding more Languages as I get them, and upload them.
There is much more Higher definition on this Video than the original uploaded on YouTube, so every single detail could be observed clearly now on the Motor...since I added more Exposure, Gamma correction settings and Contrast.
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