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LinGen - ANALYSIS & DEVELOPMENT of Sliding/Rotating Magnetic Fields

Started by solarlab, Dec 27, 2023, 03:28 PM

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The following thread posts provide a brief overview of an analysis of several Holcomb patents, including
WO 2018/134233 "Solid-State, Compact, High-Efficiency, Electric Power Generator Battery Alternative."

Amongst other things, Dr. Holcomb detailed the invention of a small linear device that supposedly would
power a cell phone, or the like, without having to be recharged or otherwise use an external power source.

These claims obviously sturred considerable interest and since the patent was very well written and provided
significant detail, I decided to investigate the methods and techniques further with the aid of some Computer
Aided Engineering (CAE) tools.

The brief step-by-step proceedure that I followed in verifying Holcomb's patent claims will be presented here.

It was an interesting process and much was learned over the year long course of discovery.

Hope you find it as enlightening and informative as I did!


NOTE: It has been requested that this topic be moved to the
"Virtual Displacement of Magnetic Fields to Generate Energy"
main subject. This may take a while, so please be patient.

Thanks for the help - UFOpolitics


LinGen - Significance of these Developments and some Brief Forum History

Caution: A long read and not important to the LinGen technical details that will follow.

NOTE that much of the knowledge and insight gained from analysis of the Holcomb patents has resulted
in a new and novel design known as "TFG_EM" or the "Transverse Flux generator using ElectroMagnets"
that is now being developed and appears elsewhere.

Re-posting the LinGen Analysis highlights here is to primarily serve as a reference and archive.

It also serves as a bit of HISTORY - Holcomb's devices appear to be the first verified Excess Energy Generators,
or as many refer to, the first OverUnity Devices to appear in the public domain (2+ independent verifications).

Clearly, my Analysis sheds significant light on the technical nature and theoretical operation found in these
patents by expanding on their many claims and disclosures.

Why is "All" this Very Significant Moving Forward

More importantly; the most dynamic aspect of Holcomb's achievements is the concept that the age old
idea held by the Patent Authorities that Excess Energy or Overunity can not exist, has now been SHATTERED!

Soon the Patent Office will no longer be able to deny a "Granting" based solely on valid EEG (OU) claims...

Brief Forum/Posting History

This is a bit of history regarding my (attempts) at posting on the public forums OU (Overunity) and
OUR (OverunityResearch). The threads are apparently still on these forums but are not easy to access.

The first 10 pages, or so, of the OU thread/Topic: called "Holcomb Energy Systems:Breakthrough technology
to the world" contained discussion regarding the Holcomb system, and in particular, how it might operate
and what the source of energy might be.

Although it was mostly the usual "crap"; UFOpolitics appeared to be the only contributer who actually had it
figured out; but unfortunately he was "drowned-out" by all the "nonsense." This continued for over 207 pages 
until the OU Site was ultimately put into a "read only" status and ceased functioning.

The same trend continued on the OUR forum under "Re: Holcomb and other FE technology debate" for
nearly 22 pages until the thread was locked and hidden. This is where the majority of my investigative
results were posted, including many development aids, methods, techniques and resources were provided
[about 325 posts]!

These removals/restrictions are unfortunate; since, to this day, the disclosures, claims and their analysis 
still remain technically valid, and might be of great value to experimenters pursuing their EEG designs.

This is why some of the important discovery and technical information is being re-posted
here in a brief, condensed, form.

All the information presented is believed to be true and correct but, as with any technical presentation,
errors and omissions are an inevitable part of the process.

Disclosure: I have nothing what so ever to do with Holcomb, HES or any other related or associated entity or activity.



Simplified LinGen BLOCK DIAGRAM

Working backwards, here's a simplified block diagram of the original (WAG) LinGen.
This configuration was used for the majority of the "does it work" analysis.

It's pretty much self-explanatory:

- the (rotor) stationary 8 coil structure (dark gray with copper color coils), dirven by the Q1 thru Q8
  MOSFET transistors with drivers, sets up the pattern of "sliding magnetic fields." The pattern is shown
  in the HES LinGen Pole timing digram (only 4 poles are shown for the Coil-1 N, Coil-2 N, Coil-3 N and
  Coil-4 N). The same pattern is repeated for Coil-5 S thru Coil-8 S.

- this repeating pattern cycles the magnetic fields ( N & S) such that the (stator) stationary LAP Coil
  (lighter gray with a single copper color coil - a LAP coil) gets "induced" by the sliding magnetic field;
  thus producing an Output.

- a microprocessor Controller is responsible for creating the delayed (offset) driver signals.

In the middle of the diagram is a picture of the "rotor" and "stator" "sandwich" with a small gap in between.

CAE Analysis of the WAG configuration shown here has an Output of about 40V (20vpp) as shown.

The device operation is actually quite simple and easy to build. A better electrical steel (steep B-H Curve),
more coil turns, and/or a higher drive current should provide a greater output. Note however, that this
device is likely not capable of exceeding 4 to 5 times excess energy generation due to the limited design
aspects - these limitations will be addressed as we analyze the design in more detail.

Another aspect of the design is shown in the attached "Cautionary" pdf.

We'll cover the initial conception of this device from information provided in the patent along with other
support details through to the testing, as we move along.

Hopefully this gives some idea of what the LinGen is and how the design target device turned out.


Attached: 1.  Simplified_LinGen_BLOCK_DIAGRAM.GIF
                        2.  LinGen_HV_CAUTION_Notes_Sch_Sim_22Feb23-1.pdf


Magnetic Field Intensity Animation

Sliding the magnetic field electronically (no moving parts) across the LAP coils is shown in the
attached animation.

Note the Pole (rotor) section [this is section is what generates the fields] is not shown for clarity.
Arrows (Amp/m) are referenced to the stator top surface plane - this is what the LAP coil would
experience throughout the sequence.

A larger timing sequence diagram, derived from the patent, is also included.

These Magnetic Fields are the result of the "B Field - created by the N or S coil" aligning the natural
atomic magnets in the electrical steel used for the rotor pole structure. An explanationTiming_4msON_1msSeq_Rev 02_22May22.PNGbritannica - magnetic field strength 3.PNG is attached.

An animated gif viewer is useful to slow or step the sequence (e.g. Gif Viewer - free).

- It appears the Magnetic Field gif won't play - replace with a zip file, this might work?
    * Seems to be OK now - store, unzip, view.



Confusion Between "B" "H" and "E"

It's easy to be  confused by the "B Field" the "H Field" and "E Field."

A bit of an clarification is attached along with three animations . Hope this
helps in sorting it out if you don't quite understand the difference nomenclatures.


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